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From the President: The Latest Safety Developments from JLG

Blog Posts - Feb 21

From the President: The Latest Safety Developments from JLG

Frank Nerenhausen
EVP and President
JLG Industries

Adoption of new technologies that improve the efficiency and safety of operations continues to gain momentum in the access industry.

With a core focus on improving job site safety, at JLG we are always looking to develop enhancements that make our equipment safer and more intuitive to operate. Some of the latest technologies we offer are SkySense™ for boom and scissor lifts, JLG® Mobile Control for scissor lifts and JLG ClearSky™ telematics.

Let’s take a closer look at these technologies…
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SkySense is an enhanced detection system that uses strategically placed object detection sensors to provide operators an added level of awareness of their immediate surroundings. When a machine is in use, the sensors establish warning zones and stop distances in the machine’s direction of motion. As the machine approaches the zone limits, audible alerts notify the operator, increasing protection of people and property. 

Mobile Control allows you to drive, steer and load a stowed JLG scissor lift from a mobile device. When you purchase a scissor with mobile control, you can operate your scissor from up to a 40-ft. distance with Bluetooth® enabled technology, allowing better visibility of possible obstructions while maintaining a safe distance from the machine. You can position your machine into tight spots or navigate through areas with low clearance from outside, and away from, the platform and you can load your machine onto trucks at the end of the work day with ease, from the ground, at a safe distance from the truck and the machine. 

On a scissor lift equipped with the JLG Mobile Control hardware, operators can simply:
• Download the JLG Mobile Control app
• Open the app and scan the machine-specific QR Code on the machine
• Then use the app to drive and steer the scissor lift

ClearSky is an optional safety tool that allows rental companies to safeguard their machines and add an additional layer of protection for end users by preventing unauthorized personnel from accessing equipment. Telematics has been around for quite a while; however, it continues to evolve in a manner that provides increasingly useful and tangible real-time data to equipment owners and operators. The data this system provides, along with other connected technologies, simplifies logistics and allows for the proactive management of equipment fleets to provide optimal utilization and minimal downtime. This is a win-win for rental companies and end-users alike. 

You can find more information about the latest safety developments from JLG here.


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