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Industry Trends

From the President: How Electrification Trends Have Impacted New Products at JLG

Blog Posts - Jan 21

From the President: How Electrification Trends Have Impacted New Products at JLG

Frank Nerenhausen
EVP and President
JLG Industries

Connected and sustainable technologies are two of the trends we have really seen take off in the couple of years. People are being asked to do more with less, in tighter spaces, under stringent time and budget demands in a manner that is minimally disruptive to the environment.

These trends are driven by things like urbanization, the productivity imperative and electrification.

New JLG Electric MEWPs at a Glance

Let’s talk electrification for a moment. JLG is no stranger to hybrid and electric MEWPs (mobile elevated work platforms). In fact, our first hybrid model was introduced more than 23 years ago, with many others debuting since. 

In recent years, we’ve seen growing demand for both hybrid and electric equipment. At JLG we keep a close eye on trends impacting the auto industry. Armed with the knowledge that demand has accelerated for electric vehicles and knowing that the construction industry is typically a fast follower of automotive, we are anticipating a similar increase in demand for electrified heavy equipment as we look towards the future. 

That said, many manufacturers, including JLG, have offered electrified features and battery-powered units for quite some time. The JLG line of electric drive, ES series scissor lifts for example, are battery powered and have long been considered the industry benchmark for performance due to fewer hydraulics and up to double the battery life versus standard hydraulic drive models. 

Our latest scissor lift introduction, however, the JLG AE1932 (AE stands for All Electric) Davinci™ model is fully electric and the first of its kind. Every component of the machine is optimized, allowing it to be powered with a single lithium-ion battery without a compromise to performance. It even recovers energy while the platform is being lowered, which contributes to a 70% decrease in power consumption and a longer battery life per charge.

Its single lithium-ion battery is backed by a class-leading warranty and is expected to last 120+ months, so owners should never have to replace a battery during the machine’s lifespan. 

Customers asked JLG to develop a scissor that minimized leaks and lowered after-the-sale maintenance costs. The AE1932 Davinci doesn’t just contain leaks, it eliminates them altogether. With zero hydraulics, there are no potential leak points.  

The AE1932 Davinci offers a 20% greater, 600-lb. platform capacity both indoor and out, travels 2x faster and charges 3.5x faster than a standard lift. Each wheel is controlled independently to reduce tire wear and limit damage to sensitive flooring. It is a progressive, environmentally friendly, yet productive solution that eliminates common scissor lift job site challenges. 

As trends like electrification continue to evolve the construction industry, JLG is committed to bringing the connected solutions and advanced products (like the AE1932 Davinci) to market that will allow our customers and theirs to continue to be successful in three core areas: Safety, Productivity and Technology.

You can learn more about the JLG DaVinci All-Electric Scissor here.


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