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Compliance is Critical: More Details about Training Requirements

Blog Posts - Aug 20

Compliance is Critical: More Details about Training Requirements

Rick Smith
Senior Director of Product Training
JLG Industries

Did you know that in the updated ANSI and CSA standards, only personnel who have received training in compliance with the A92 Standards regarding the inspection, application and operation of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) shall be authorized to operate a MEWP?

It’s true.

Training is very important in these standards. There is a lot about training you need to know to be compliant to the requirements addressed in the ANSI A92.24 & CSA B354.8 sections.
Training Requirements with Updated ANSI and CSA Standards at a Glance
Here’s what you need to know about training in the standards…

  • Training shall be required for each of the classifications of MEWP 
  • The operator shall only operate MEWPs that they are authorized, trained and have been familiarized with 
  • Training must be delivered in a manner understandable by the trainee. And, MEWP occupants other than operators shall receive instruction identified in this standard under Occupant Knowledge.

What’s Occupant Knowledge? It’s the knowledge that every occupant must have. It must include as a minimum the following:

  1. The requirement to use fall protection and the location of fall protection anchors
  2. Factors including how their actions could affect stability
  3. Safe use of MEWP accessories they are assigned to use
  4. Site specific work procedures the occupants must follow related to the operation of the MEWP
  5. Hazards related to the task at hand and their avoidance, to include any applicable site risk assessment
  6. General knowledge of the intended purpose and function of MEWP controls and safety-related items specified by the manufacturer, including emergency shut-down and lowering procedures, to the extent required to lower the MEWP safely to the ground/stowed position 
  7. Manufacturer's warnings and instructions

The updated standards also call-out another specific group of people who interact with MEWPs on job sites – Job Site Supervisors. The standards state that anyone who directly supervises MEWP operators is considered a supervisor and now needs supervisor training. Per the standards, users shall ensure personnel that directly supervise MEWP operators are trained in the following: 

  1. Proper selection of the correct MEWP for the work to be performed
  2. The rules, regulations and standards that apply to MEWPs, including the provisions for safe use as defined in ANSI A92.22, training and familiarization, and the work being performed
  3. Potential hazards associated with use of MEWPs and the means to protect against identified hazards
  4. Knowledge that the manufacturer's operation manuals are an integral part of the MEWP and need to be stored properly in the weather resistant compartment on the MEWP

For more information on the ANSI and CSA Training standards requirements, visit our resource center here.


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