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LiftPod Alleviates Ladder Safety Issues at Olin Products

Case Studies - Jan 18

LiftPod Alleviates Ladder Safety Issues at Olin Products

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA

As the environmental health and safety technician at the St. Gabriel, Louisiana, plant of Olin Chlor Alkali Products, Mark Hudson is all too familiar with the trips, slips and falls associated with ladders. That’s why he was immediately attracted to a picture and accompanying description of the JLG® LiftPod® personal portable lift.

Olin Chlor Alkali Products is one of the world's leading manufacturers of chlorine, caustic soda and related chemicals. As Mark Hudson reviewed the fall protection pages of his safety vendor's website, the LiftPod caught his attention. 

“The LiftPod was the only personal lift of its kind featured on the site,” said Hudson. “When I talked to my rep about it, I was even more impressed, not only by what it could do, but also by its affordability.”

Shortly after that conversation, Hudson purchased two of the JLG lifts—the FS60 and the FS80, with respective working heights of just over 12 and 14 feet. Happy at the time, Hudson is even more pleased with his purchases almost four years later. 

“The LiftPod addresses many of the issues associated with ladder safety, and that’s huge,” he said. “And it’s so much more convenient than a traditional ladder. Workers using a ladder are required to tie off when they do any work above 4 feet and must work one-handed. With the LiftPod, you are tied to the machine, which is perfect, and you have a platform to work from with two hands free.”

Where LiftPod has made a difference

According to Hudson, the personal lift device is in use throughout the St. Gabriel facility, with the exception of manufacturing areas, where the company produces chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen, the ingredients for a wide array of products—from life-saving pharmaceuticals to water purification, plastics, household cleaning products and clothing, to name a few. 

Our instrument and electrician technicians use the LiftPods more than anyone else...

“Our instrument and electrician technicians use the LiftPods more than anyone else, changing fluorescent lightbulbs and lamps, running electric cable, installing and maintaining speakers for the public address system—really anything electrical,” said Hudson. 

Warehouse employees also rely on the LiftPod to stock shelving and conduct inventory. “Believe it or not, the LiftPod is also a useful cleaning tool, allowing workers to remove cobwebs from the warehouse.” 

Why LiftPod is the right solution

Hudson reports that everyone who uses the LiftPod appreciates the convenience it offers. The unit is easy to use and move from one location to another. In fact, the personal portable lift assembles in less than 30 seconds and can be moved on caster wheels through doorways without having to be taken apart. Plus, operators can raise and lower the work platform with a cordless 18V drill or Power Pack Kit. 

In addition, the LiftPod does not require a two-man operation. Instead, one worker can climb in the platform and get straight to work, taking advantage of a sturdy, enclosed platform that provides 360 degrees of access and a material tray that holds tools. “When you have large projects that may require a 40-hour week to complete, the savings associated with one less employee on the job can be significant,” said Hudson. 

Hudson also appreciates the fact that the LiftPod is battery operated. “It’s lightweight, it can be dismantled in three easy steps and it uses a battery, which means you don’t have to fool with a gas engine or electrical cords. What’s more, the batteries are powerful, with a long life. I’ve had ours for almost four years, and I’ve yet to replace batteries on either unit.”

But in the end, Hudson sees safety as the biggest selling feature of the LiftPod. “It enables us to do jobs at height without having to use a ladder, taking away the safety issues associated with a ladder and eliminating productivity and profitability losses that too frequently accompany an accident.”