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Brookfield Multiplex

Case Studies - Jan 18

Brookfield Multiplex

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA

Before they had a LiftPod,  maintenance work—specifically day-to-day lighting maintenance—often required repeated up-and-down trips on ladders. When they received a LiftPod for trial use at the beginning of 2008, things changed.

Brookfield Multiplex workers were using ladders and scissor lifts at their Qantas heavy maintenance hangar work site at Australia’s Brisbane Airport. Alan Berrie is the facilities supervisor at the site and is responsible for on-site occupational health and safety, which includes full compliance with regulatory and government standards.

JLG 1850SJ Ultra Boom

Since the LiftPod was introduced, he’s seen improvements in safety, time efficiency and ease of movement for the facility’s workers. “The LiftPod has become an invaluable piece of access equipment for maintaining lights at the facility,” Berrie said.

The LiftPod has become an invaluable piece of access equipment for maintaining lights at the facility.

He specifically points to a relamping project at the facility’s canteen. Workers would have spent time constantly maneuvering ladders and making climbs up and down them for the project. The LiftPod’s lightweight and compact design allowed its users to quickly and easily move it around the work site on its wheels. The LiftPod also provided them 360-degree access and a work tray to hold tools and materials, which allowed them to focus on the task at hand and not have to worry about stability. “The relamping of the canteen would have taken two to three days off a 14-foot stepladder,” Berrie said. “We did it in one day with the LiftPod.”