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Avoiding a Hard Start in Cold Applications

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA


Avoiding a Hard Start in Cold Applications

Tech Tips - Jan 18

JLG has received reports of hard starting of the JLG® Model 340AJ equipped with GM .97L dual fuel engine while operating on gasoline and in cold weather applications. 

Models affected: JLG Model 340AJ with Dual Fuel GM Engine

The engine supplier has developed updated ECM software for the GM .97L dual fuel engine. If your machine experiences difficulty starting in cold weather, please contact the JLG District Service Manager (DSM) or Service Provider in your region to schedule the software installation.

When equipped with the recommended engine oil (5W-30) and the ECM software update, the engine should start in temperatures as low as +15oF. For use in temperatures below 15oF, JLG offers optional Cold Weather Start* and Arctic packages**.

*The Cold Weather Start package includes a battery blanket, a hydraulic tank heater and an engine block heater.

**The Arctic package includes the same items in the Cold Weather Start package plus arctic hoses (drive and steer only) and a main boom cable, extreme cold weather engine oil, fuel conditioner and an oversized foot switch.