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Pacific Square Maroubra Makes Safety a Priority with the LiftPod

Case Studies - Jan 18

Pacific Square Maroubra Makes Safety a Priority with the LiftPod

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA

There was no question as to why Aaron Malouf wanted to let go of the ladder: safety. The LiftPod personal portable lift fit the bill.

Malouf, asset manager at the Pacific Square Maroubra complex in Sydney, Australia, was looking to address risk management in his multiuse building. While budget was an issue, he specifically wanted a hydraulic or mechanized device to replace ladders because of safety concerns. Workers have a number of maintenance duties throughout the building that involve working at a higher level, and they needed something to provide stability at varying heights.

Malouf and his team looked at several possible devices but found most of them to be too large, heavy or cumbersome. Enter the LiftPod® by JLG. They found the LiftPod to be lightweight, portable and affordable, while giving them the access they needed. With a 14-foot working height, workers would now have the reach they needed in most areas of the facility. They were also impressed with the LiftPod’s ease of movement and with how quickly it could be assembled.

"It is one of the best decisions we have made," Malouf said.

With the LiftPod, workers now have the stability, comfort and access they need to perform a number of different maintenance tasks at the building, which includes a one-level shopping center, apartments, an underground parking garage and commercial offices.