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O’Brien Makes a Clear Choice for Improved Safety with the LiftPod

Case Studies - Jan 18

O’Brien Makes a Clear Choice for Improved Safety with the LiftPod

JLG Industries, Inc.
World-leading access equipment manufacturer
McConnellsburg, PA

O'Brien Glass, an Australian glass replacement company, selected the LiftPod® from JLG as a safer alternative to ladders.

The glaziers from O’Brien Glass Industries Limited in Newcastle, Australia, often need to work on homes, businesses or large vehicles at heights of up to 14 feet. However, due to Australian regulations requiring bulky harnesses when working at heights above two meters (or just over six feet, six inches), the safety committee at O’Brien needed to find an alternative to ladders that would safely allow glaziers freedom of motion. They also required the ability to use both hands to more efficiently – and safely – complete their work.

The committee asked Cliff Meecham, manager of the Newcastle area for O’Brien, to have his glaziers evaluate the LiftPod® portable aerial work platform from JLG.

Initially, the glaziers used the LiftPod for replacement work at business and residential premises. A recent project at a commercial office required that all of the rubber gaskets used to seal the windows be replaced on the first floor. Workers from O’Brien opted to use the LiftPod for the project and were able to complete the job more quickly and safely.

The automotive glaziers discovered the LiftPod was also ideal for windshield replacements on large trucks and buses. The small base fit perfectly underneath the front of the vehicle, allowing workers closer access to their work than with a ladder. Glaziers can also bring the LiftPod with them to body shops where vehicles are already being serviced and perform the windshield replacement simultaneously, cutting down on service time on the vehicle.

“Safety is our number one priority at O’Brien,” said Cliff. “In addition to increased safety for our glaziers, the added benefits of the LiftPod, such as improved productivity and easy mobility, mean that replacement work is getting done more quickly, more safely and with improved quality.”