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Virtual Experience.
Real-World Confidence.

Bring the power of virtual reality training to your facility. AccessReady Fusion XR training simulator combines cutting-edge technology with a unique training experience to help trainees build the hands-on skills they need. Invest in the training simulator that will propel you and your team to new levels of success.

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AccessReady FUSION XR
from JLG

Now available to customers nationwide, AccessReady Fusion XR is a cost-effective VR training simulator that includes multiple training options, from multi-user scenarios to an instructor-led mode. Practice your skills in a virtual environment that provides real-time interaction and true-to-life job site scenarios.

Reduced Training Costs

Reduced Training Costs

Bring the most advanced industry training to your facility, where employees can practice daily until they’re ready to take their hands-on evaluation.

Cooperative Training Options

Cooperative Training Options

Network simulators together for an efficient multi-user experience. VoIP support provides real-time voice communication between people who may not be in the same room, state or even country.

Quality Practice Time

Quality Practice Time

Increase hands-on training to reduce evaluation time. When employees practice using real-world controls, it translates more quickly to an actual machine.

Advanced Skills Evaluation

Advanced Skills & Evaluation

Create and save training scenarios to test various skills and select the criteria used to monitor trainee performance.

AccessReady XR Fusion

What You Get

When you purchase AccessReady Fusion XR, you get the full AccessReady Fusion XR training simulator package, backed by the knowledge and expertise of our training specialists. Our training simulator is priced well below competitive options, so you can give your team the experience of virtual, hands-on training for less.

The AccessReady Fusion XR training simulator package includes:

  • 6-ft custom JLG platform with boom and scissor lift controls
  • HTC VIVE PRO headset with headphones and Leap Motion camera
  • VR-ready PC that comes pre-loaded with our AccessReady Fusion XR software
  • Keyboard with touchpad and monitor
  • Portable cabinet for housing the PC, VR headset and other items
  • System setup and operating instructions

Watch a Sneak Peek

The AccessReady Fusion XR software comes pre-loaded with proving grounds and real job site environments. Step onto the platform and use the real-world boom  and scissor lift controls to safely develop your skills in challenging virtual scenarios.

Ready to add virtual reality to your training program?

AccessReady Fusion XR lets you deliver the most advanced training in the industry, on-site at your facility. Contact a knowledgeable JLG® representative now for pricing and other details.