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Fleet Management Has Never Been More Clear

ClearSky™ telematics from JLG combines your business data with our expertise to deliver customized, ROI-boosting solutions.


Now Introducing Remote Analyzer Reader – a new feature that puts the power of data at your fingertips – no matter where you are.


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Why ClearSky?

Increase Utilization & Uptime

  • Always know when, where and how your equipment is operating.
  • Receive automated reports and immediate notifications when problems arise.
  • Proactively schedule maintenance to reduce unnecessary service calls.

Enhance Safety & Security

  • Set up geofences and time fences to protect your fleet from unauthorized operation.
  • Save time by immediately locating assets in the field.
  • Prevent untrained operators from using your equipment with ClearSky Access Control.

Boost Productivity & Performance

  • Easily analyze data points on your tablet, desktop or mobile device.
  • Combine ClearSky data with JLG® BIM library data to deliver the right machines to the job site.
  • Share utilization and operator data with customers to improve on-site efficiency.

ClearSky RAR App

Introducing Remote Analyzer Reader

The new ClearSky Remote Analyzer Reader (RAR) is designed to put valuable machine data at your fingertips. RAR allows service departments to remotely review a machine’s set-up and personalities to assist with diagnosing a wide range of machine issues. More versatile and convenient than a handheld analyzer, this new feature allows a remote technician to log into ClearSky, enter the machine’s serial number, and retrieve a wealth of information to better understand the status of the machine.

With ClearSky RAR, you can:

  • Reduce the cost of service calls by ensuring technicians arrive with the right parts and tools, or eliminate some calls
  • Save time with faster troubleshooting
  • Reduce revenue loss with machines that stay in service longer
  • Improve safety with data that helps operators decide whether a machine can be operated safely


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Access Control

Help ensure that only operators with the proper credentials can use your machines. ClearSky Access Control enhances worksite safety by restricting equipment access based on operator qualifications. It also provides detailed reports about machine usage and operator performance, so you can make more informed decisions. Available in North America and EU 28 Countries.


Learn more about how ClearSky Access Control can improve construction site safety.


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ClearSky Solutions:
Data That Drives Your Fleet

ClearSky gives you the actionable data you want, but lets you decide how you receive it. There are two types of service plans available: Data Only and Data & Portal. Between these two plans, you have the flexibility to integrate ClearSky telematics into an existing system or take advantage of our user-friendly portal to view your machine information.


To be compliant, JLG® machines equipped with ClearSky telematics must be received by countries that are certified to have ClearSky. See the list of certified countries.

Data & Portal Plan

When you select this plan, your machine data is aggregated into our user-friendly portal. The ClearSky portal comes with a default dashboard that shows all the basic data you need, with the option to create a customized dashboard. See only the data points you care about on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.


  • See a default view where all primary features and information are automatically formatted to make it simple and turnkey
  • Interact with graphs and charts that give you an at-a-glance summary with the option to click for additional detail
  • Set and restrict access based on roles within your organization for complete flexibility and control
  • Use the platform in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German and others

Low Battery

  • Indicates the current battery status of your reporting equipment
  • Count represents the number of units in a low battery state


  • Provides both geofence and timefence notifications at-a-glance
  • Notifications provided for the previous 30 days, including weekends


  • Get sensor alerts and fault codes to your dashboard, phone or email to proactively identify potential issues
  • Shows alarms for units with ClearSky CAN for the previous 30 days, including weekends

Equipment On-Site

  • Set geofences to get alerts when machines enter or leave specified areas to prevent unauthorized usage
  • Counts represent the number of units inside and outside the geofence(s)
Clearsky API

Data Only Plan

With this plan, your IT team and the ClearSky team will work together to develop an API connection that delivers raw data directly to your existing business system. This secure connection allows seamless download of the latest machine information into your ERP system, SAP system or other rental software. That means you get all the benefits of ClearSky fleet data without having to learn new software or re-train your employees.


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Flexible Options

ClearSky offers factory-installed and retrofit telematics solutions for most JLG® products. There are two types of hardware available: ClearSky Locate and ClearSky CAN. Both the Data Only and Data & Portal plans are available regardless of the hardware installed on your machines.


ClearSky Roadmap

Launched in 2008, ClearSky is backed by the JLG® network of parts specialists, customer service representatives and service technicians. It also has a dedicated R&D team who continually evolves our state-of-the-art fleet management solution to fit the needs of the connected job site.


Current ClearSky Platform

  • Simple web portal
  • Basic and advanced APIs
  • Machine location targeting
  • Geofencing and time fencing
  • Automatic machine alerts
  • Machine operating hours data
  • Engine operation and fault codes
  • Battery charging status alerts
  • ClearSky Access Control
  • ClearSky Remote Analyzer Reader

Features in Development

  • Advanced machine alerts and diagnostics
  • Optimized battery monitoring
  • Remote controls
  • Diagnostics and prognostics