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Stock Pickers & Order Pickers

When you enlist the help of a stock picker — also known as an order picker — you can trust that you’re improving efficiency, reach and safety. Using a stockpicker from JLG to pick stock, perform general maintenance and expedite other repetitive tasks allows your staff to complete their work in less time. We have a range of driveable electric stock pickers that can take the place of traditional ladders, a walkie stacker, a manual pallet jack or walk-behind truck solution. JLG® order pickers can help reduce storage costs and allow for more portable, productive warehouse operation.


Pickers Deliver a Customer’s Order Faster

A warehouse picker from JLG increases efficiency to help your staff reach their order quota for the day. Unlike a bulky order picker forklift, a driveable stock picker can fit down even a narrow aisle at your warehouse to access product inventory in compact spaces. These machines remove the need to drive, stop, then lift because they lift workers up as they drive, bringing them near the products they need to fulfill an order before they come to a complete stop. Overall, that means less time from sale to shipment.

Driveable Order Pickers

  • Increases reach and safety at your warehouse, enabling you to find materials efficiently
  • Helps a worker pick an order in less time for higher productivity
  • Can be driven from full platform height using innovative controls
  • Features maintenance-free components and automatic battery charging
  • Models available with varying platform height for low and high-level inventory loads
  • Available to buy new or used with rental options also available from distributors nationwide