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Creating Impressions that Last

Let’s face it, appearances matter. As we search for the ultimate travel experience, hotels have become a critical aspect of a jetsetter’s itinerary. The modern globetrotter looks for inspiring and well-maintained hotels that are picture perfect—all so they can snap photographs. Many go on to share their wanderlust #inspo with their social media network.

This Instagramming behaviour is equally true for the rest of the hospitality industry, with visitors sharing their impressions on shopping malls, airport lounges, theme parks and restaurants. This makes it easier than ever for hospitality establishments to get positive reviews and rise to the top of popularity rankings—as long as they make a good first impression.

That means paying attention to the upkeep of the premises so that every corner looks pristine at all times. And focusing on the finer details, like repairing faulty lights in hard-to-reach areas or performing maintenance work on high ceilings. To make matters even more challenging, all of this must be done behind the scenes, without your hotel patrons even noticing.


Keeping a hotel in pristine condition often leads to noise, dirt and a less than pleasant experience for hotel patrons

Here’s a secret we’d like to share. Now, you can effortlessly keep your hotel looking immaculate with the right type of professional equipment. JLG has a line of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) designed to meet the hotel industry’s needs while improving workplace safety and efficiency.


Easy to set up and manoeuvre, the electric-powered, state-of-the-art equipment allows workers to finish their work quickly and safely during the limited non-peak hours. They operate silently, too, so guests won’t even notice that maintenance is ongoing. Best of all, with our MEWPs, you can do away with the ugly scaffolding and ladders that are such an eyesore on your beautiful premises.

Not only does our equipment look more elegant and stylish than ladders, but MEWPs do away with the need for scaffolding, which takes time to erect and disassemble. Think of all the time you can save and the resulting boost to your labour productivity. In fact, one experiment to install firefighting pipes showed that labour productivity increased by 15 times when MEWPs were used instead of scaffolding.

With JLG® MEWPs, you can offer your patrons a pleasant, undisturbed and luxurious experience.
With JLG, you can keep your hotel premises looking top-notch all the time and offer your guests a luxurious and peaceful experience. 


Leave us with an enquiry or contact your local JLG® dealer for a site assessment inspection. Or simply download our brochure to discover more about our range of equipment.