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Biggest Challenges of Implementing ANSI A92 Standards


Access 101

Biggest Challenges of Implementing ANSI A92 Standards

Expert Q&A - Feb 19

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge people in the access industry will face as a result of the newly published ANSI standard?

I think one of the biggest challenges—and also opportunities—of the new standards is effectively educating MEWP users that the changes are designed to provide a more robust and comprehensive approach to safety, and the industry's perspective on what that entails may need to shift. Things that may've happened in the past without apparent consequence, such as overloading the platform even minimally, will not be allowed to occur with MEWPs that are compliant with the new standards. Load sensing features of compliant MEWPs will prevent operation from continuing if overloading occurs.

The standards are intended to bring positive change for the safe use of MEWPs, clarifying the responsibilities of supervisors in order to help them make informed decisions about selecting the right operator with the right skills for the right job, and users should embrace the standards' requirements to enhance their safety culture and productivity. It is also important to note that the standards are going to be what OSHA relies on when it examines whether safe operation within an organization is taking place. 

How will the new ANSI standards impact rental companies, specifically?

One element of the standards that rental companies need to keep in mind, beyond training and familiarization they may be requested to provide for customers, is that rental companies themselves may also fill the role of users of MEWPs. So, the same aspects of the safe use and training standards, which pertain to both new and existing MEWPs and include requirements for supervisors, operators and occupants, also apply to them, and as the user, the rental company must ensure their staff is appropriately qualified. In the user role, some of the responsibilities include the development of safe use programs, site risk assessments and rescue plans, as well as ensuring supervisor training and occupant knowledge meet the standards' requirements, in order to achieve compliance.


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