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Telematics: What to Consider When Choosing a Platform

Michael Roth
RER Magazine


Telematics: What to Consider When Choosing a Platform

Expert Q&A - Sep 17

What are some things to consider when choosing a fleet management program?

I think for a rental company it’s important to be able to analyze at what point a particular asset stops becoming profitable and should be replaced. As a machine gets older, it tends to require repairs more frequently. So how does a rental company determine when does it reach the point where it is better off to replace a machine? A fleet management program that can help a rental company to determine when repair costs on a particular unit are too high for the amount of revenue it produces is a good thing.

How is telematics changing the way fleets are managed?

Telematics provides a window on how each machine in a fleet is performing in real time. The rental company can see if there is a problem with a machine often before the problem causes a breakdown, and it enables a rental company to be proactive rather than reactive, often solving a problem before it becomes serious, often being able to diagnose an issue before the service technician goes to the job site. These kinds of capabilities enable fleets to be managed far more efficiently than in the past.