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Repair Your Water-damaged Telehandler

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Repair Your Water-damaged Telehandler

Tech Tips - Jan 18

Telehandlers that are partially or fully submerged in water can be severely damaged. If you decide to repair your telehandler rather than replace it, it’s important to follow the proper repair and inspection procedures.

Before returning your telehandler to service, you should:
  • Complete the repair and inspection procedures packet
  • Make sure it meets all inspection requirements
  • Correct any discrepancies in machine function
  • Ensure all decals are legible and properly positioned
  • Place the Operator and Safety Manual onboard within designated storage compartment
  • Have it inspected by a JLG-qualified equipment mechanic

Download the JLG Telehandler Severe Water Damage Procedure PDF (66 KB PDF) for more detailed, step-by-step instructions.