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No Output from Miller Generator on JLG Boom Lifts

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No Output from Miller Generator on JLG Boom Lifts

Tech Tips - Jan 18

There are two very common reasons for No A/C Voltage Output from a Miller Generator installed on JLG boom lifts. Fortunately, these issues can be very easily rectified.

The first most common cause occurs when the generator option is not turned on in the analyzer. To turn this option on, plug in your analyzer at either location (platform or ground) and enter your "Access Level 1 code". Under the "Machine Set Up" menu, you will find the generator options "0 = NO", "1 = Belt Drive" and "2 = Hyd Drive" (Hydraulic). Select the appropriate selection for your machine, and then shut it down to allow your change to be saved.

The second cause that is commonly overlooked is the inline 5 amp fuse. This fuse is located behind the engine tray near the start and auxiliary power solenoids. If this fuse is blown, the machine has no D/C voltage going to the generator control system to turn it on. Replace a blown fuse with the appropriate 5 amp fuse.