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Safety Resources

We’re dedicated to connecting you with all of the resources you need to work safely and more efficiently. Get aerial lift safety information all in one convenient location.

Safety Videos

Supplements to operation and safety manuals, the AEM safety handbook and the ANSI manual of responsibilities.

1200SJP and 1350SJP Boom Lift Safety

English Version

Learn about the procedures essential to proper machine operation. 

1200SJP and 1350SJP Boom Lift Safety

Spanish Version

Learn about the procedures essential to proper machine operation.

Compact Crawler Operator Safety

Learn how to safely and properly operate compact crawler boom lifts.

LiftPod Operation and Safety for ANSI-Compliant Machines

Learn how to properly assemble and use the LiftPod.

LiftPod Operator Safety for CE-Compliant Machines

Proper machine operation for the JLG® LiftPod.

Operations Videos

Supplements to your machine’s operation and safety manuals.

Compact Crawler: Starting the Machine

Turn on the power source using four switches. See where they are and how to use them to properly start your Compact Crawler.

Compact Crawler: Operating Envelope

Learn how the operating envelope is affected by platform capacity and jib position.

Compact Crawler: Remote Control Station

Learn how to use the remote control station to operate the ground and aerial functions.

Compact Crawler: Removing the Platform

The platform may need to be removed when driving through narrow areas.

Compact Crawler: Setting the Outriggers

The four outriggers that stabilize the Compact Crawler must be set before operating any aerial function.