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Buy Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Telehandlers and More

When you have productivity goals to meet, you need reliable machines that reach farther and carry more. JLG, a global leader in access equipment and solutions, offers industrial lifting equipment that helps you reach tasks at height with more confidence.

Our equipment portfolio includes 8+ product categories, and we’re one of the only access lift manufacturers to make select equipment in Mexico. Choose from aerial lifts and telehandlers for demanding outdoor work or compact personal lifts for indoor facility maintenance.

Every JLG® machine is also backed by our worldwide network of parts, service and support professionals. Whether you need comprehensive training for your team or advanced equipment for your fleet, we have you covered.

Work with the industry leader to find the perfect access equipment for your job site.

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JLG manufactures select equipment, including our full scissor lift line, in Mexico. Click to see the types of equipment you can buy from JLG.

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JLG® aerial lift equipment helps you confidently tackle whatever challenges you encounter on the job. Work indoors or out and be more productive in more places with a range of equipment solutions from JLG.

Heavy Construction

On-Slab Construction

Warehouses & Industrial Facilities

Facility Maintenance

Finishing Work & Renovations

Material Handling



From low-level access lifts that reach 1.5 m through outdoor booms that can reach heights of 56 m, JLG® lifts bring more productivity and enhanced safety to your work. No matter the job, no matter the environment, you’ll find a machine that’s right for you.


Boom Lifts

Looking for a boom lift (sometimes referred to as a cherry picker)? Both articulating and telescopic boom lifts can tackle tough jobs at height. From job start to completion, JLG® boom lifts give you the reach and power necessary to keep productivity high.


Telescopic Boom Lifts

Telescopic boom lifts let you reach farther with more capacity, putting you right where you need to be as simply and efficiently as possible. They are ideal for tasks that require extended horizontal and vertical outreach.

Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts feature a versatile jib that takes you up and over objects for precise positioning. Access hard-to-reach places while painting tricky architecture, completing aircraft maintenance or performing maintenance in narrow spaces.

Compact Crawler Boom Lifts

Compact Crawler boom lifts feature low weight and rubber tracks, so you can work indoors or out. Fit through narrow doorways and into tight spaces, and reach up and over obstacles to change light bulbs, paint walls and even trim trees.

Scissor Lifts

Consider a scissor lift, also known as a man lift, instead of a ladder or scaffolding. JLG® scissor lifts deliver long-lasting performance for indoor maintenance or outdoor construction tasks.


Electric Scissor Lifts

Electric scissor lifts, like the JLG® ES Series, have longer runtimes, promote quieter working environments and produce zero emissions. Tackle drywalling, painting, HVAC maintenance and electrical work. We even offer models that can be used in cold storage applications and sensitive environments, like hospitals or schools.

Engine-Powered Scissor Lifts

Engine-powered scissor lifts can traverse rough terrain thanks to enhanced power and stability, while their platforms can carry more tools and people. Complete outdoor jobs with confidence, whether you need to move multiple sheets of drywall, elevate multiple workers at once or handle other heavy materials.

Low-Level Access Lifts

Replace ladders and scaffolding with low-level access lifts—products designed to help you comfortably reach tasks at heights up to 20 ft. Use a crank lift like the EcoLift to replace light bulbs in a hospital hallway. Carry the LiftPod portable man lift into hard-to-reach manufacturing spaces to access conveyor belts. Or use the powered lifting of a push around to complete a range of contractors’ tasks, from drywall work and painting to HVAC and electrical work.

Vertical Lifts

When your maintenance or repair work requires overhead reach in tight spaces, you need a vertical lift that delivers full access. Our range of driveable and push around vertical lifts are an efficient, productive way to tackle up and over work. They’re also a safer, more efficient alternative to ladders, giving you more confidence on the job.


Available in two brands, JLG® and SkyTrak® telehandlers reach the greatest heights of performance. Our telehandler models feature various capacities and heights, so you can choose the machine that best fits the needs of your job and application.


JLG® Telehandlers

Because of their extended boom and attachments, JLG® telehandlers—referred to as telescopic forklifts by some—can complete jobs with more power, reach and versatility. These telehandlers, including the rugged RS Series, also feature three steering modes to meet various maneuverability requirements.

SkyTrak® Telehandlers

SkyTrak telehandlers feature improved boom function speeds, a single joystick for greater multifunction capability, an integrated armrest and optional air conditioning for increased comfort. Their engine parts and other serviceable components are also easily accessible for quicker maintenance. Award-winning models with various capacities and heights available.


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Experience zero hydraulics, zero leaks, zero battery replacements and zero wasted time.

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Expand your capabilities with eight new electric and engine-powered rough terrain models.

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SkySense™ Sensor Technology

This innovative ultrasonic technology enhances an operator’s awareness of their immediate surroundings.

Intelligent Building Information Modeling

This 3-D model-based process helps you more efficiently plan, design, construct and manage building projects.

JLG® Mobile Control for Scissor Lifts

Operate your stowed scissor from up to 40 ft away using your mobile device.