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ClearSky™ Fleet Management Solutions

ClearSky is the simplest way for you to manage and maintain your fleet. This affordable, easy-to-use telematics platform from JLG gives you the actionable data you want, and the reports you need, to make informed decisions about your equipment. ClearSky takes the guesswork out of construction equipment tracking, so you can anticipate problems and maximize productivity.

To be compliant, JLG® machines equipped with ClearSky telematics must be received by countries that are certified to have ClearSky.

The Benefits are Clear

clearsky-telematics  Proactively Manage Fleet Health

Stay up-to-date on routine maintenance and limit time lost due to low batteries and unexpected failures.

clearsky-increase-uptime  Increase Uptime & Utilization Rates

Know when, where and how your equipment is used, so you can maximize your fleet’s utilization rates.

clearsky-enhance-security  Enhance Security & Visibility

Set up geofences and timefences to protect your fleet, and save time by always knowing the location of your equipment.

Flexible Options

Factory-installed and retrofit hardware options are available for most JLG® products. We offer two types of service plans: Data Only and Data & Portal. Between these two plans, you have the flexibility to integrate ClearSky telematics into your existing system or take advantage of our user-friendly portal to view your machine information. Different service plans are available for both the Data Only and Data & Portal options to help meet your needs.

Contact us today for complete plan and pricing details.


The ClearSky Portal

If you select the Data & Portal plan, you get full access to our user-friendly portal. The ClearSky portal comes with a default dashboard that shows all the basic data you need, with the option to create a customized dashboard. See only the data points you care about on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.ClearSky-Telematics-Portal

We make it easy to manage your entire fleet. Get alerts about machine health, location and utilization anywhere, anytime. Simpler fleet management is possible with the ClearSky fleet management platform.

Get more information about ClearSky telematics today.

NEW ClearSky Remote Analyzer Reader

The new Remote Analyzer Reader feature in the ClearSky portal gives you access to more information than ever before. Your service department can now remotely assess key information such as system information, machine set-up, personalities, diagnostics, and fault logs. This valuable information allows service technicians to arrive for a service call fully prepared with the right tools and parts to resolve machine issues – or even eliminate the service calls entirely.

JLG Remote Analyzer Reader

Learn more about how ClearSky Remote Analyzer Reader can simplify your fleet management.

ClearSky Access Control

Operators who aren’t properly trained may use your equipment in a way that causes damage or creates a safety risk. Help ensure that only operators with the proper credentials and training can operate your machines. ClearSky Access Control uses a keypad and RFID reader to identify operators using a unique ID number or smart RFID card. If authorized, the operator will gain entry to the machine. Available in North America and EU 28 Countries.

JLG Wire Rope

With ClearSky Access Control, you can:

  • Enhance worksite safety through qualifications-based authorization
  • Utilize actual check-in/check-out tracking and reporting to aid decision making based on usage and operator performance
  • Manage users, machine lockout and equipment access conveniently through both over-the-air and local access options
  • Save time by uploading up to 2,000 operators at a time into the system through a convenient batching feature


Bring confidence to every job with the app that helps you efficiently plan projects and manage equipment.

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