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Your safety is of the greatest importance to JLG. Please review this essential safety, product and training information relating to JLG equipment.
  • General Safety Enquiries

    Enquiries regarding standards compliance, design criteria or overall machine safety should be addressed to the JLG Technology & Development Centre.

  • Operator & Safety Manual

    Always make sure you read and understand the Operator & Safety manual before operating any JLG products. Do not operate any JLG products until properly trained. For machine inspections and maintenance required by JLG, refer to the appropriate Operator & Safety manual in conjunction with the appropriate Service & Maintenance manual for the specific model.

    Make sure a copy of the Operation and Safety Manual is enclosed in the weather resistant storage container of the MEWP or located in telehandler cab manual holder.

  • Ownership Records

    It is very important for JLG to maintain current ownership records. If you have recently sold or acquired a JLG product, please provide us with the current owner information using the JLG Owner Update Form (23 KB PDF)This form can be submitted to

  • Product Incident Reporting

    The JLG Product Safety & Reliability Department must be notified immediately in all instances where JLG products have been involved in an accident leading to personal injury or death, or when substantial property damage has occurred. To report an incident in the United States, call 1-877-554-7233. Accidents outside of the United States should call +1 240-420-2661.

  • Inspections

    Required inspections are outlined in both the appropriate JLG Operator & Safety manual and Service & Maintenance manual. Please contact the JLG Product Safety Department for the correct forms to use while completing the inspections.
  • Special Applications and Product Modifications

    Modifying a JLG product without the written permission of JLG Industries, Inc., is a safety concern, and may be a violation of government regulations and industry standards. To apply for modification approvals, please read and complete the Application Approval form.