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Winter Checklist

With winter coming it is important to realize that few places are safe from the counter productive effects of cold weather. Fleet maintenance plays a crucial part in the preparation of your machines. Start preparing now so that your fleet is ready to roll. Do not let the cold freeze your productivity by completing the checklist now and taking in some tips for when the cold arrives.


1 Check the manual of your machine
 It is always important to check your manual to make sure you are doing the right thing. JLG manuals will provide some insight what is best for your machine in extreme wheather.
2 Have the most suited lubricants in your machine's engine, transmission and hyraulic systems.

 Cold weather might call for some different fluids than you would normally use in your machine. Using the wrong fluids could cause unnecessary wear on your machine. Check the JLG manuals to see what fuels and fluids would be most suitable during cold weather.

3 Select the correct tyres for jobs in cold weather
 Slippery and snowy areas could cause your machine to lose traction. Select tyres with the right profile and application so that your machine will not get stuck.

4 Check or replace the filters in your machine
 Filters are vital if you want to avoid starting issues or a loss of power on the jobsite. Check all hydraulic, air and fuel filters and make sure they are clean. If not, make sure to replace them to assure proper performance.

5 Check the hoses and wires in your machine
 Cold weather can impact the hoses and wires in your machine heavily. Even though this might not directly impact the performance of your machine, it can effect the liftetime of the hose. Check whether your hoses are still in good condition and replace them if they are not.

6 Inspect all toggles and switches for damage, both on the platform and at the ground and replace if necessary. 
 Damage could lead faster ice or water damage, rendering your machine inoperative.

7 Check all lights and beacons on your machine
 Extreme wheather might also distort visibility greatly. Make sure all lights are working and consider buying a beacon. Visiblity of your machine and operator will greatly reduce risk at the jobsite.

8 Stock parts that are vulnerable to cold
 Even though checking all vulnerable parts prior to winter should help a great deal, a failure can always happen. Be sure to stock vulnerable parts to quicly repair your machine and reduce downtime to a minimum.

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