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JLG® Augmented Reality App

lntroducting the JLG Augmented Reality (AR) App: Designed for construction pros who require a safer, more efficient, and more productive job site, the AR app delivers the data you need for faster, more accurate project planning and onsite equipment management. 

What's In the App

The AR app is a suite of five tools:

  • Machine Visualization: Make sure you have the right equipment for any job by placing and moving virtual machines in your actual job site.
  • Kit Visualization: Stock or buy the right accessories for any job by viewing them on your real equipment or in the space where they will be used. 
  • Operation Guidance: Promote safe machine operation with control panel guidance in your choice of languages.
  • Decal Viewer: Ensure operator safety with a viewer that shows decal information in your choice of languages and explains symbols and images.
  • Inspection Assistance: Increase efficiency with inspection details and information shown on the machine you're inspecting.

Flexible Options

App Tutorial – Watch the video for a tutorial on how to use the app.


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