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JLG connects your industry with access equipment for a wide variety of applications. Whether you work in agriculture, heavy construction, mining, warehousing or virtually anything in between, JLG offers a full line of aerial work platforms, telehandlers, stock pickers, mast booms, lighting towers and equipment accessories to meet your needs.

Agriculture and Landscaping

JLG telehandlers and aerial work platforms make the tasks of loading, lifting and transporting easier and more productive. Get the help you need to move buckets of dirt and gravel, stack pallets, place nursery supplies and load flatbeds.

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Aviation and Aerospace

From hangar maintenance and material loading to pre-delivery and flight-line inspection, there’s a JLG lift that fits your needs. Areas on the aircraft that were once elusive are now easily in reach with a JLG lift—under wings, around cowlings, above the fuselage, even up to the tail.

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Commercial and Retail

Whether you’re managing product on a retail floor or in a warehouse, or doing facility maintenance at a hotel, office building, exhibit hall, stadium or arena, JLG offers an impressive line of compact, lightweight products to fit your access needs.

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JLG telehandlers are used with forks in bridge removal/reconditioning applications, in building demolition with grapple buckets to remove material and on steel structure demolition projects with a jib. JLG aerial work platforms help with the tearing down of structures, including the removal of glass panels.

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JLG aerial work platforms and telehandlers are used in a variety of areas within the energy segment, such as the construction and maintenance of power stations, oil refining facilities and wind turbine farms. JLG lift equipment is ideal for getting workers and their materials to the work area for installation, inspection, maintenance and testing.

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The entertainment industry relies on JLG to provide access equipment that sets the stage for reliable performance. The versatility of JLG stock pickers and aerial work platforms make them ideal for concert arenas, movie sets, sporting events and theme parks, ensuring that the show will go on.

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General Construction

JLG aerial work platforms and telehandlers are used in a wide variety of applications in and around construction sites. JLG equipment is used to lift operators, their tools, supplies and materials to the work area. Typical users include electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, HVAC contractors, steel erectors and glazing contractors.

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Government and Municipalities

JLG meets the needs of local, state, federal and government contractors for low emission equipment. Get the most choices in electric-powered and engine-powered aerial lifts and telehandlers that meet regulatory guidelines and standards.

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Heavy Construction

When you rely on booms, scissors, telehandlers and lighting towers for every phase of the project, JLG is your one-stop shop. Our full line of aerial work platforms and telehandlers for heavy-duty applications give you the reach, capacity, manoeuvrability and integrated tools you need to stay productive all day, and when used with our lighting towers, all night long.

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For the industrial market, including manufacturing and facilities management, choose from aerial work platforms that feature compact sizes, low vehicle weight, narrow chassis, a variety of accessories and enhanced manoeuvrability. We want to help you be as efficient and productive as possible.


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Hospitals, museums, schools and universities use JLG aerial work platforms every day. With their ease of use, reliability and outstanding performance, our products can help you enhance the productivity of your workforce.


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JLG aerial work platforms, telehandlers and lighting towers are used in the maintenance and construction of mining infrastructure, including overhead conveyors, processing facilities and other facilities in and around the mine site.

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Warehouse and Distribution

Whether you’re dealing with large or small inventory items, JLG has a number of lifts that are the perfect solution for the varying demands of warehouse and distribution applications.

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