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MaxQuip™ Forks

Whether you need to replace worn forks, or you want to maximize your fleet’s productivity, MaxQuip from JLG is your one-stop shop for all makes forks. We can deliver any size, length, dimension and style of forks, including pallet, shaft and ITA hook forks. We also offer specialty forks and custom sizes. Our extensive, growing inventory and fast shipping saves you time and money as you enhance your fork supplies.

MaxQuip Forks FAQ

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how the MaxQuip Forks program from JLG is the solution to your fork attachment needs.

How many forks are in this program?

There are currently over 500 different part numbers with more being added going forward.

Can you cross reference my machine and part numbers?

The MaxQuip Forks program from JLG lists available options by fork size, capacity, mount and other specifications only, and does not reference specific machine makes in the program. Please use only fork and fork combinations approved by the manufacturer of the unit per manufacturer guidelines.

What if I need a fork that is not listed in the MaxQuip Fork catalog?

Custom orders are a key benefit of this program. Fill out the new fork form and submit to partsprograms@jlg.com. You’ll receive a quote within 24 hours during normal business days.

Does the program offer any cost savings?

Ordering pallets of forks (20/pallet) provides the most cost benefit — be sure to order that particular palletized part number for maximum savings. Plus, qualify for free freight on economy orders over $1,000 when shipping to locations within the continental United States.

How quickly do forks ship?

In-stock fork orders placed before noon (EST) will ship the same day. In-stock fork orders placed after noon (EST) will ship in 24 hours. Non-stock forks will ship in 8-10 days. Palletized forks carry a 10-day lead time.

Where are the shipping locations?

Forks ship from six convenient locations: California, Texas, Oregon, South Carolina, Ohio and Ontario. Palletized forks ship from Ohio or Ontario. Large orders may be split and shipped from separate locations.

What materials and processes are used to make the forks?

The steel is purchased from Canada and the U.S., and it meets or exceeds the latest testing in national and international standards (ISO 2328 and ISO 2330, ANSI ITSDF B56.1 and ANSI ITSDF B56.6) for mounting details, load, and fatigue and impact tests. Each fork is created with industry experience, strict material specifications and advanced manufacturing processes. A stringent material requirement and a strict traceability process ensures top quality from raw material to finished product. The forks are designed and tested to meet or exceed 1 million lift cycles per ISO 2330. A material certification is available for every fork manufactured.

How do I order forks?

Download the MaxQuip Fork catalog (4.7 MB PDF) and place orders at Online Express

Who do I contact about fork capacity sizes or shipping questions?

For questions about fork capacities, custom orders and shipping, call 1-877-LIFT or email partsprograms@jlg.com  

MaxQuip™ Forks Webinar

Find out how the MaxQuip Forks Program, formerly known as All Makes Forks, can save you time and money.

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MaxQuip™ from JLG now carries more forklift parts for popular brands, like Doosan, JMC, Hyster and Toyota.

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