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JLG: Built In America Since 1969

JLG started its journey in US-based manufacturing in 1969, when it’s founder John L. Grove incorporated the company in the small town of McConnellsburg, PA. Staying true to its roots, JLG’s corporate headquarters remains in that town today, albeit with a much larger footprint and support operations across the country.

Since the beginning, JLG has been about people – its people, your people, the American people.

We are focused not only on building equipment that keeps people safer at height, but also equipment that constructs and maintains our countries infrastructure, the roads and bridges we travel, the homes and buildings in which we live and work.

JLG is a proud supporter of the American Equipment Manufacturer’s (AEM) I Make America Campaign. As a Pillar of the Industry award winner, we are committed to keeping American manufacturing strong.   

Why Buy American Made Equipment?

We know contractors have many options when it comes to which brand of equipment to put to work on their job sites. When you  select quality, American made equipment like JLG, you not only support domestic jobs, you help keep our local state and federal economies strong.

American Manufacturing Today:

American Manufacturing Today data

Thank You

When you choose JLG products, you are supporting American manufacturing. We’d like to thank our loyal customers for your shared commitment to keeping the American Construction industry healthy and our fellow Americans at work.  Together we will continue to build great things in this great country.

*Source: https://www.imakeamerica.com/industry-by-the-numbers/?state=Federal

Manufacturing by the Numbers infographic

Learn more about the benefits of American manufacturing by downloading this infographic today. 

Download Infographic