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Push Around Lifts Highly Evolved

Powered Lifting at Your Service

Cut down on setup time by replacing ladders and scaffolding with a push around lift. These lightweight, narrow lifts from JLG come in two models: the 1030P with a 16-ft working height and the 830P with a 14-ft working height. Both varieties feature powered lifting and more maneuverability to get you where you need to go more efficiently.

Push Around Lifts

Increased Efficiency

  • Easy to push into place, push around lifts require no setup time, while powered lifting elevates you without the need to climb ladders and scaffolding. The 1030P features a 30 x 60 in. platform that gives you more than enough room for tools and materials, helping you minimize repositioning and trips up and down.

More Maneuverability

  • These lifts can be maneuvered by a single operator, and their narrow width allows them to easily pass through single doorways. Their lightweight design also lets them be used on sensitive flooring and in elevators.

Enhanced Safety

  • An enclosed platform with a lanyard attachment point lets you tie off to reduce the risk of falls, as well as work with both hands 360 degrees around. Unlike rolling scaffolding, the wheels automatically lock when the platform is elevated, keeping you more secure at height.


  • Push around lifts increase efficiency with powered lifting and less setup time. They’re ideal for jobs that require you to maneuver the machine between different locations at the same site, such as electrical/mechanical, HVAC, cleaning, painting and drywall work.
Operator in the 1030P push around lift Operator elevates JLG® 830P into place Operator works on HVAC and ductwork using JLG® 830P Operator hangs office decoration from JLG® 830P platform

More Maneuverability

Whether you need to inspect sprinkler systems or finish drywall, push around lifts help you easily access overhead work. The 830P mast lift can be navigated into narrow spaces for more reach, while the 550-lb platform capacity and 30 x 60 in. platform of the 1030P push around lets you access more work without repositioning. Both models combine height and reach with low weight for use on sensitive floors and elevators. Their narrow width also allows them to fit through single doorways with ease.

JLG® 830P Push Around Lift

830P Push Around Lift

  • Machine Width: 2 ft 6 in.
  • Platform Height: 8 ft 2 in.
  • Working Height: 14 ft 2 in.

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JLG® 1030P Push Around Lift

1030P Push Around Lift

  • Machine Width: 2 ft 6 in.
  • Platform Height: 10 ft 2 in.
  • Working Height: 16 ft 2 in.

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Designed with Efficiency in Mind

When scaffolding and stepladders slow you down, try a push around lift instead. With increased platform capacity, these lifts are tough enough to tackle challenging overhead work, but lightweight enough to not damage sensitive floors. For more information, download the JLG® Low-Level Access Lifts brochure.