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MEWP and Telehandler Operator Training

Stay ANSI and OSHA compliant with online MEWP or telehandler training plus qualified in-person trainers. 

ANSI standards require that all MEWP (formerly know as AWP or aerial work platforms) and telehandler operators are trained by a qualified trainer.  You can be confident that you have the right credentials when you've got JLG on your side.

JLG offers convenient online MEWP and telehandler training in our easy-to-use online training portal, AccessReady. Once you take the online training portion, we'll help you get connected with a qualified trainer in our professional JLG Trainer Network to complete the in-person training requirement.

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Convenient Scheduling

This program lets you take advantage of flexible, online classes or a traditional classroom environment. You can learn on your schedule, then take the hands-on portion of your training when you’re ready.

Classroom Learning:

Simply contact a trainer from the AccessReady Network and schedule your classroom sessions.

E-learning Platform:

Work through online courses at your own pace. Then, set up your hands-on evaluation with a professional trainer from the AccessReady Network.

For a preview of how the program works and what to expect, check out the overview video.

Exclusive Mobile App

The AccessReady program includes an exclusive app that lets you track all your machine familiarizations and produce your credentials on demand. It’s available on both Apple and Android devices.

Plus, when you register for AccessReady, you can immediately view the user-friendly portal. Select the type of machine you want to be trained on, and the map will populate with instructors. Then, click on a pin to see the instructor’s name and contact information.


AccessReady app
AccessReady operator card

Qualified Instructors

Every trainer listed on the AccessReady portal graduated from the nationally-recognized JLG® Train-the-Trainer course and chose to join the AccessReady Trainer Network. By leveraging these graduates, JLG created a Network that spans across North America.

When you complete a course with one of these instructors, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. You’ll also have the option to purchase an operator card that shows your familiarization with the equipment.

ANSI & OSHA Compliant

With new standards published in December 2018, it’s more important than ever for companies and contractors to ensure their workers are properly trained. Everyone in the access industry must be compliant with the new standards prior to the December 10, 2019 deadline. AccessReady allows you to access all your familiarizations on demand, so you can show you’re job site ready.

The new standards require that individuals who supervise MEWPs on the job site be trained. Our supervisor training program was developed by industry-leading professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the new ANSI standards. It’s available online through AccessReady.

Plus, since AccessReady instructors have completed the JLG® Train-the-Trainer program, you know the training you receive as an operator or technician meets the most recently published ANSI and OSHA standards, too.

Leverage the AccessReady program to remain compliant while saving time and money. Learn more about the changes and how they’ll affect you.


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AccessReady puts operator training at your fingertips. It’s free to join, and you’ll learn from the best trainers in the industry. Visit the AccessReady portal and register to find a qualified trainer today.


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