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JLG Exhibits at Manutention, Paris

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands — October 31st, 2012 — JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company [NYSE:OSK] and a leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic material handlers, will showcase a representative lineup at Manutention in Paris from November 19 to November 22, inclusive. 
“Aerial Work Platforms (AWP’s) can significantly reduce the risk involved in working at height, and JLG equipment is designed to help protect the operator as well as provide a comfortable working environment,” said Laurent Guillaux, JLG’s Senior Director Sales and Customer Support Southern Europe. “There are many benefits of using a purpose-built piece of access equipment above other methods such as ladders or steps. The operator’s risk of falling is significantly reduced due to the enclosed nature of the platform, and they will have their hands free to carry out the work at height that is required. 
Products will be represented as follows: 
The JLG Toucan 8E is the latest addition to the JLG Toucan series, a range of electrically driven vertical mast lifts that offer the user the ability to reach up and over obstacles efficiently and securely.  For quiet operation and ease of access in tight spaces, the JLG Toucan 8E features direct electric drive. The brushless motors provide ease of control and a smoother and more responsive drive. Long-lasting 24V/180A batteries with quick charge times keep ‘down-time’ to a minimum. 

The Toucan 8E is available with two different baskets – the standard 0.85x0.90m basket and an optional 1.10x0.90m XL basket. This XL basket provides ample space for the operator in the platform. In addition to the slide bar rear entry, the XL basket has doors on each side of the basket to facilitate easier loading of supplies into the platform, for example when working in retail environments where materials need to be carried to height and hung overhead. A higher reach version, the Toucan 10E, will also be displayed at the show. 
JLG ES electric scissor lifts are renowned for their efficient electric drive system that delivers industry-leading duty cycles. Enabling the operator to stay both productive and comfortable, they have quick release extendable decks for increased workspace, standard fold-down hand rails for access through doorways, pothole protection that provides additional support for the lift in the unlikely event a wheel is driven into a hole, and platforms with non-skid strips for more grip. The 1930ES, the smallest machine in the range will be present at the JLG booth. 
Also at the show will be the 1230ES mast boom lift. Designed to be used in confined or weight-restricted applications, JLG’s “ultra-compact” 1230ES provides 5.6m working height and offers convenient access for routine interior repair and maintenance work. The 1230ES can be easily transported on most trailers or light trucks, can fit through narrow doorways and inside most industrial elevators, or be lifted by crane to elevated work areas.  It features compact dimensions of 1.36m long by 0.76m wide and a stowed height of just 1.66m. 
With its compact size and a zero turning radius, the versatile 10MSP and Toucan Duo stock pickers provide the manoeuvrability and ease of positioning needed fortight spaces. Providing a secure platform for the operator, leaving hands free to pick or check stock and reducing the amount of manual handling required in stock-picking, the 10MSP and Toucan Duo help to improve productivity and job safety.
All JLG products deliver industry-leading duty cycles, ease of maintenance and operator comfort as standard. JLG Europe BV offers a wide range of access platforms to the industrial market. From the facility in Tonneins, near Bordeaux, the JLG operation in France provides an array of pre and post-sale customer support services, including: site surveys, product demonstrations, machine repair and a range of training and servicing courses.
JLG捷尔杰中国新闻与活动新闻稿2012JLG Exhibits at Manutention, Paris

美国捷尔杰有限公司是全球领先的高空作业设备设计商、制造商和销售商。公司拥有众多知名品牌,其中包括 JLG® 高空作业平台;JLG、SkyTrak® 和 Lull® 伸缩臂叉装车;以及一系列有助于提高产品实用性和工作效率的附属配件。捷尔杰有限公司是美国豪士科集团[纽约证交所:OSK]旗下公司。 

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