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23 февраля 2015 г.

McConnellsburg, Pa. — February 24, 2015 — JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company [NYSE:OSK] and a leading global manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic material handlers, is launching two telescopic booms and one articulating boom at the 2015 Rental Show in New Orleans, February 23-25, at JLG booth #8923. The 400S and 460SJ are telescopic (straight) boom lifts, and the 450AJ is an articulating boom lift. All three machines offer class-leading platform capacities and lift times, which can improve operator productivity. Enhanced system designs and new hoods should increase in-service time, which improves utilization rates and owner Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

With platform capacities up to 1,000 pounds, these machines allow operators to take more tools and supplies to their work, which can improve work output. The capacities are 10 to 40 percent more than similarly sized competitive booms on the market.

These lifts employ fewer hydraulic hoses – up to 40 percent fewer – and streamlined hose routing compared to previous models. This reduces the number of potential leak points and minimizes servicing. The MDI display on these machines communicates full language text, not just fault codes, which may simplify troubleshooting and reduce the duration of service calls.

The hoods feature a new design made of a new Dura Tough material. Dura Tough is a stout-yet-flexible polymer that won’t ding like steel and is not as brittle as ABS. Thus, fleet owners may spend less time repairing or replacing hoods damaged on the job. New latches, common with JLG’s Ultra Boom® line of lifts, provide easy access and secure closure.

“JLG is listening to the industry. We’re building lifts that meet the industry’s calls for machines that are durable, easy to service, and improve operator productivity.  The combination of these factors contributes to lower total cost of ownership and better ROI for our customers,” said Corey Raymo, JLG Industries’ global product director for AWPs. “These JLG machines are also designed for the world market, so they are easily transportable. They can be driven into shipping containers and even have options for oversized tires that can be flipped to ship.”

The machine specifications are:

400S telescopic boom

  • 600 pounds unrestricted/1,000 pounds restricted platform capacity
  • 40 foot platform height, 46 foot working height
  • 33 foot horizontal outreach, 35 foot working outreach
  • Engine rpm control proportional to required function speed for better fuel economy
  • Improved multi-function operation

460SJ telescopic boom

  • 600 pounds unrestricted platform capacity
  • 46 foot platform height with jib for additional up-and-over maneuverability, 52 foot working height
  • 40 foot horizontal outreach, 42 foot working outreach
  • Engine rpm control proportional to required function speed for better fuel economy
  • Improved multi-function operation

450AJ articulating boom

  • 550 pounds unrestricted platform capacity
  • 45 foot platform height with jib for additional up-and-over maneuverability, 51 foot working height
  • 25 foot horizontal outreach, 27 foot working outreach
  • 24 foot up-and-over height
  • Improved multi-function operation

For more information on JLG equipment, visit

Архив пресс-релизов

Компания JLG Industries, Inc. является ведущей компанией в мире по проектированию, производству и продаже оборудования для обеспечения доступа. Каталог продукции компании весьма разнообразен и включает такое хорошо известное оборудование как рабочие подъемные платформы JLG®; телескопические погрузчики JLG, SkyTrak® и Lull® а также широкий выбор дополнительных приспособлений, повышающих универсальность и эффективность этого оборудования. JLG входит в корпорацию Oshkosh [код в листинге Нью-Йоркской фондовой биржи: OSK].

Oshkosh Corporation Company