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JLG is committed to preventing the potential spread of COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty, the safety and wellbeing of our team members and our customers is our top priority. As an organization, we have taken many preventive measures to limit the potential spread of the virus and mitigate the impact to our business and yours. Below are key actions taken to date.

  • Increased cleaning frequency of high-touch areas in our facilities
  • Deployment of regular communications to team members as a reminder to follow guidance from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Canceled or rescheduled company events
  • Limitations placed on global and domestic business travel
  • Implemented a quarantine period of 14 days following completion of any business-related or personal travel to areas of concern
  • Educated team members and are actively practicing social distancing measures such as maintaining a minimum amount of space between employees
  • Authorized remote work for all office staff who can complete their work outside JLG facilities
  • Implemented staggered work shifts and work zones to limit the spread of germs
  • Limited visitors to our facilities to business-critical visits and deliveries only

Manufacturing Plant Closures

JLG has proactively decided to suspend production in select facilities. Below is a list noting the current operational status of each plant:

United States – Reopened April 27thth

  Mexico – Planned shutdown, reopening May 18th

France – Reopened April 6th

China – Open and operational 

Romania – Planned shutdown, reopening May 18th

United Kingdom – Power Towers facility relocation underway, reopening June 1

Parts Distribution, Service & Call Centers

The JLG Parts Distribution, Service & Call Centers remain open.

We have limited service technician travel in an effort to keep our team and yours healthy and safe. At this time, technicians will only be dispatched for service calls deemed critical.

Our parts distribution warehouses remain fully functional. We will continue to strictly abide by any local government requests related to business closures and implement any requested preventive health measures.

JLG call centers remain operational with most personnel working remotely. These teams were built with optimal flexibility to provide superior service across multiple time zones around the globe. Performance metrics are at their highest of the year, so we expect minimal disruption in our ability to respond to customer inquiries.


Though many of our manufacturing facilities are now closed, JLG has been deemed a life sustaining business, therefore, we have retained a small crew at each location. We continue to ship critical equipment and parts to minimize disruption to our customers.

Supply Chain

In an effort to align supply to demand, we have adjusted manufacturing operations as per the above schedule. This action is exclusive to the Access Segment and does not impact manufacturing operations in the Commercial, Defense or Fire & Emergency segments of Oshkosh.

We have communicated with and are actively working with suppliers to adjust delivery schedules and volume to enable ramp up to full production as factories reopen.

COVID-19 Actions

JLG Industries, Inc.는 전세계를 주도하는 액세스 장비의 설계회사, 제조업체 겸 판매업체입니다. JLG의 다양한 제품 포트폴리오에는 JLG® 고소 작업 플랫폼; JLG, SkyTrak® 및 Lull® 텔레핸들러(telehandler)와 같은 일류 브랜드와 이러한 제품의 다양한 기능과 효율을 강화하는 다수의 보조 액세서리가 포함되어 있습니다. JLG는 Oshkosh Corporation Company[NYSE: OSK]의 계열사입니다. 

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