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Innovations provide better maneuverability, more access, and increased productivity

2014년 2월 27일 목요일
McConnellsburg, Pa. — Feb. 28, 2014 — JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company [NYSE:OSK] and a global leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic material handlers, today announced ground-up redesigns of its T32E Toucan mast boom lift as well as the X500AJ and X600AJ compact crawler booms.  The redesigned products will be unveiled at CONEXPO (booth #1037) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“Extensive upgrades will allow customers to better maneuver the machines, access more areas, and increase productivity on the jobsite,” said Jeff Ford, JLG Industries global product director – aerial work platforms.

Upgrades to the T32E Toucan mast boom lift include 80 percent fewer hoses and fittings than its predecessor, the E33MJ lift.  As a result, the T32E Toucan requires less maintenance and has fewer leak points, providing more simplicity for owners and operators.  The T32E Toucan also includes a direct electric drive instead of a hydraulic drive for increased duty cycles and greater operator productivity on a single charge.

“A better duty cycle means our customers can get more life out of a battery because the power is being used much more efficiently. This allows for more time working and less time charging,” said Ford.

Thanks to a 47-inch wide base, the T32E Toucan is an ideal machine for warehouse applications and manufacturing operations with tight aisles.  What’s more, with a horizontal reach of 14 feet, the T32E Toucan can go up, out, and over to access high objects on either side of an aisle.  Productivity is further enhanced with a faster travel speed (3 mph vs. 2.2 mph), the ability to climb steeper grades (25 percent vs. 20 percent), and a new rotating platform (not available with the E33MJ).

The compact crawler, narrow and compact in design, can be used in multiple ways indoors and outdoors. The next generation of JLG® Compact Crawler Booms, X500AJ and X600AJ, have increased to 500 pounds of unrestricted capacity throughout the working envelope, allowing operators to reach more and increase productivity.

“We listened to our customers, and we are excited to deliver these robust machines to address the wants and needs of the rental market,” said Randy Marzicola, JLG Industries director of business development.

The JLG X500AJ features a 56-foot working height and 50-foot platform height, and the X600AJ unit features a 66-foot working height with a 60-foot platform height, both lightweight for load-sensitive surfaces and ease of transport.  The addition of forklift pockets and lifting hooks on the outriggers allow for convenient loading and positioning in the most challenging facility applications.  Both machines offer an innovative green lithium-ion battery option for quiet, clean, zero-emissions operation -- great for indoor and outdoor environments.

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뉴스 및 행사보도 자료2014Innovations provide better maneuverability, more access, and increased productivity

JLG Industries, Inc.는 전세계를 주도하는 액세스 장비의 설계회사, 제조업체 겸 판매업체입니다. JLG의 다양한 제품 포트폴리오에는 JLG® 고소 작업 플랫폼; JLG, SkyTrak® 및 Lull® 텔레핸들러(telehandler)와 같은 일류 브랜드와 이러한 제품의 다양한 기능과 효율을 강화하는 다수의 보조 액세서리가 포함되어 있습니다. JLG는 Oshkosh Corporation Company[NYSE: OSK]의 계열사입니다. 

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