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LiftPod to be Shown at NSC 2011 Congress & Expo

2011년 10월 27일 목요일
McConnellsburg, Pa. (Oct. 28, 2011) — JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company [NYSE:OSK], will exhibit its line of LiftPod® personal portable lifts at booth #3427 during the National Safety Council (NSC) 2011 Congress & Expo, which will take place Oct. 30 – Nov. 2 in Philadelphia. 
For around $2,500, the LiftPod personal portable lift is a safe, low-level access alternative to ladders, scaffolding and rolling ladders. The LiftPod was designed to address and improve fall protection for workers, which was among the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) most frequently cited standards in fiscal year 2010. OSHA’s top 10 violations for 2011 will be announced at the NSC Expo. 
Ideal for workers who require a safe, affordable, productive and portable solution when working at a variety of heights; the LiftPod provides the stability of a platform and does not require an OSHA-regulated two-man operation. Instead, one worker can enter the platform and begin the job at once, immediately boosting productivity by 50 percent. In addition, workers in the personal lift have complete, hands-free, 360-degree range of motion in an enclosed carriage and a secure platform. The LiftPod also includes an attachable work tray that holds up to 33 pounds of tools and materials with a 330-pound total rated capacity. For ease of elevation, it is powered by an 18V cordless drill or an optional Power Pack Kit. 
To improve portability between job sites, the LiftPod can be easily assembled and disassembled in less than 30 seconds. With three lightweight components, each weighing 50 pounds, the portable lift can fit into the back of a pick-up truck, van or SUV. 
“NSC 2011 is an ideal venue to demonstrate how the LiftPod can help mitigate workplace accidents, such as slips, trips and falls. Attendees can see firsthand the incredible versatility of our personal portable lift and how it is a safer alternative to other apparatus in the workplace today,” said Randy Marzicola, JLG Industries director of channel development. “As a worldwide leader in access equipment, JLG is leading the change to meet the wants and needs for an innovative solution that drastically reduces risk in the workplace.” 
JLG will display the new FS60 model, in addition to the FS80 model, at the Expo. The FS60 is ANSI A92.3-2006/CSA B354.1-04-compliant and has a 30-inch base that enables workers to transport it through standard doorways and tight aisles fully assembled. For additional mobility, the FS60 features non-marking rear caster wheels. The FS60 has a 12-foot working height and a 6-foot standing height, and the FS80 has a 14-foot working height with an 8-foot standing height. 
Attendees who visit the JLG booth will have the opportunity to learn how the LiftPod assists with workplace safety and reduces risk in a variety of environments, including industrial, commercial, hospitality, educational and healthcare facilities, as well as office buildings. In addition, LiftPod’s YouTube channel shows viewers how the LiftPod works in these settings. 

With more than 800 exhibitors and more than 12,000 colleagues in attendance, the NSC Congress & Expo is the National Safety Council’s annual educational and networking event for safety and health professionals. 
To learn more about the JLG LiftPod®, please visit or visit the company’s Ground Support page on Facebook.

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