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Personalized Summer Projects

Each intern has a unique summer project that they work on throughout the duration of the program. The project is created between the intern and their mentor based on skill set, interest or curiosity, and value. At the end of the summer a project expo is held so the entire company can see what the interns worked on—this includes fellow interns, managers, vice presidents, and more!


Project Spotlights

These projects will peak your interest.


I.T. Intern


HR Intern

Stefan's Summer Project and Intern Experience (Information Technology, 2020):

Project: Automated Testing System (ATS)

"My intern project was to create an automated, end-to-end solution for testing our web applications by simulating real user interactions. End-to-end (E2E) testing is a type of software testing that validates the application along with its integration with external interfaces. Its purpose, and the purpose of ATS, is to exercise a complete production-like scenario. Using its GUI, developers can create, configure, and schedule test cases that verify an application's functionality automatically. In addition, ATS integrates with our team's existing continuous integration system and executes key testing after every build, reducing the need for time consuming manual testing by our team.

Working on ATS has taught me the importance of strong communication and adaptability when working on a large application. This project was very different from work I did at school, due to the open-ended nature of it. Unlike with most projects in the classroom, I was not provided highly detailed requirements to fulfill, a clear place to start, or even a programming language to use. Instead, I was provided a blank canvas and the initial goal of creating an interactive web application that can allow a user to create and run E2E test scripts. This left the responsibility of planning, designing, and executing the project in my hands. To accomplish this, I had to communicate closely with my team to understand their needs as the primary users of the application."

—Stefan M., 2020 I.T. Summer Intern

Haley's Summer Project and Intern Experience (Human Resources, 2020):

Project: Human Resources Retention Program 

"My main summer intern project was developing a retention program for JLG’s production workforce. This project aims to identify what opportunities may exist that could reduce employee turnover among this sector. In addition to this project, I also was tasked with finding training and development opportunities for the production workforce. My research included analyzing turnover trends, past employee engagement surveys, competitors’ practices, and use of databases and subject matter experts in this area. Through my research, I found that integrating hands-on training opportunities that allow for career development helps build retention among employees-therefore, I decided to blend these two projects. My recommendation for a retention program based on my research was to launch a training that effectively encompassed topics such as leadership, teamwork, and effective communication. In addition, I recommended that once an individual from the production line completes this training, they can receive some sort of recognition and help facilitate it for other workers who want to participate. This increases workers’ morale, motivation, and allows for career growth and opportunities.

This project taught me how important research is when a department such as HR wants to implement a new idea/program. You must have internal and external research in order to support each step you are taking to ensure it will be effective. It became a little challenging because some information regarding turnover and resignation is confidential, so I had to really dig into databases and use company resources as well as external resources to figure out the best solution for gaining retention."

—Haley O., 2020 HR Summer Intern

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