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JLG exhibits at Inter Airport Europe

Monday, September 2, 2013
Hoofddorp, The Netherlands — August 15, 2013 — JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation [NYSE:OSK] company and a global leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic material handlers, will exhibit its products at the Inter Airport Europe in Munich, Germany, from 8th until the 11th of October inclusive. 
Announced at the bauma fair in Munich earlier this year, the JLG Lift Model 740AJ now returns for the world’s leading airport exhibition: Inter Airport Europe. The JLG 740AJ is purposely built to perform maintenance on and around aircraft.  Equipped with an articulating boom and jib, it offers precise positioning allowing operators to access a wide variety of aircraft surfaces. 
As standard, the 740AJ is equipped with an exclusive harness attachment coupling that can move around the outside of the upper platform rail with the user’s lanyard and full body harness attached. In combination with a fall arrest capability this enables operators to work a full 270 degrees around the outside of the platform while remaining tethered within a 1.83m radius. Thanks to this system, an operating envelope of 5.65 m x 4.35 m around the platform can be reached, which equates to 19.5m2 of total work area. 
In addition, the 740AJ meets the industry jet blast standard ARP1328 that takes wind gusts up to 90 mph into consideration, enabling the machine to be placed in most air side operating areas around the terminal. 
Furthermore, the 740AJ can be equipped with a Soft Touch option which reduces the risk of accidental contact and damage during aircraft maintenance. This features a padded sensing rail below the platform that cuts function operation when activated.    
The 740AJ offers a maximum working height of 24.60 m with a horizontal outreach of 15.80 m at an up and over height of 7.65m. The 1.83 m jib has a vertical articulation range of 130 degrees. 
Additionally, JLG will bring a Toucan mast boom lift. This electric-driven range of JLG vertical mast lifts delivers performance, efficiency and durability. 
“The JLG Toucan range is renowned for its performance,” comments Robbert Monteban, JLG Industries Director of Marketing of the EAME region. “Through customer research, we received a number of recommendations which guided the development of the 10E in 2008. With the addition of the Toucan 8E in 2010, and now a 12 meter model in April 2013, the range covers a large spectrum of indoor and outdoor type applications where outreach is required.” 
The new, compact Toucan 12E model offers a working height of 12m with a horizontal working outreach of 5.10m and accommodates two people with both indoor and outdoor capability. The 12E+ offers a 12.7m working height, but has an additional outreach, stretching as far as 6.10m. Both models offer compact dimensions – maximum 3.65m length, 1.20m width and less than 2 m stowed height - and can travel through narrow and congested areas. 
Class leading run times increase productivity and are achieved by the direct electric drive with dual brushless AC motors.  The AC drive motors allow for precision speed control and also help extend the machine’s use on a single charge of the batteries, making the Toucan Series a very productive and efficient  product. Additionally, both models have a large ground clearance of 10 cm and are able to travel over thresholds, small inclines and ramps. The maximum break-over angle and grade ability for the entire range is 25°, which helps when loading the machine on and off trucks or trailers.

 For lower level access work, and in confined or weight-restricted applications, JLG’s “ultra-compact” electric mast lift model 1230ES, with a platform height of 3.66m, provides convenient access for routine interior repair and maintenance work.  The 1230ES is easily transportable on a trailer or light truck, can fit through narrow doorways and inside most industrial elevators, or can be lifted by crane to elevated work areas.  It features compact dimensions of 1.36m long by 0.76m wide and a stowed height of just 1.66m. 

For additional information about JLG or JLG products, visit the JLG stand C96 (outside area) or go to www.jlgeurope.com.