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  September 2019
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How to Protect Workers from Respirable Silica Dust
Worker grinding concrete
According to OSHA's respirable crystalline silica standard for construction, employers must provide proper training and PPE for any worker who may come in contact with the substance. Learn how to protect your team from silica dust while performing tasks like grinding mortar, cutting through brick and sand blasting.
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Be Safe+Sound at Work: Worker Participation
For a safety program to be truly successful, you must engage workers at every level of your organization. Start by listening and asking for feedback, then develop a plan to keep workers involved and accountable. Learn more in this Safe+Sound bulletin on worker participation.
Safety Leadership: Situational Awareness and Human Performance
It's easy to go on "autopilot" when performing routine workday tasks but doing so sometimes causes workers to miss important details that ultimately lead to lost time or an injury. This concept is called situational awareness, and this article by Dr. Rajni Walia, describes strategies for making sure your employees always act purposefully at work.
Fatal Falls in Construction: Total Deaths Rise, but Rate Falls, Report Shows
This recent report found that most falls occurred at organizations with fewer than 20 employees. Younger workers were also more likely to experience falls, while roofers were over 10 times more likely to have a fatal fall than all other construction occupations combined. Read the full report to learn more.

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Test Your Safety Knowledge!
Challenge yourself with the latest edition of our Trivia Challenge based on information from this edition of Workplace Safety, and you could win a special prize from JLG. Congrats to last edition's winner, Rick Taylor!

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Get Serious About ANSI Compliance
Sgt. McConnell
New ANSI standards are here, and we want to help bring you up to speed before the December 2019 deadline. Get started by watching our JLG® Boot Camp miniseries where Sgt. McConnell uses a little tough love and a lot of hard work to push new recruits to the top of their standards game.
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Compact Crawlers for Indoor & Outdoor Work
X1000AJ Compact Crawler boom lift
Designed with low weight and compact dimensions, Compact Crawlers let you go more places on the job. Easily climb slopes with rubber tracks. Fit through narrow gates and standard doorways. And experience up to 106 ft of working height with the X1000AJ.
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DirectAccess: Your Comprehensive Resource Center
DirectAccess resource center on tablet and mobile phone
To be successful, you need information you can trust. Information you can use anytime, anywhere. Subscribe to DirectAccess—our access industry resource center and browse safety-related blog posts, service videos, technical articles, case studies and more.
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