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JLG Workplace Safety
  September 2016
JLG Workplace Safety
•   Fall Arrest vs. Fall Restraint
•   Nuclear Power Plant Case Study
•   Workplace Safety News Roundup
•   Workplace Safety Trivia
•   JLG Earns OSHA Certification
Fall Arrest vs. Fall Restraint
Fall Arrest vs. Fall Restraints
Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in the workplace. As you work to mitigate the dangers of falls in your facility by putting safe guards in place, keep the differences between arrest and restraint in mind: Fall arrest means to be caught while falling and fall restraint means to be restrained from falling in the first place.
More Manpower at Nuclear Power Plant
More Manpower at Nuclear Power Plant
What could your team do with an extra nine hours? Employees at a large nuclear power plant in the eastern United States are answering that question now that their maintenance tasks have become more efficient. Typically, servicing more than 100,000 hand-operated water and air valves was incredibly time consuming and required scaffolding to reach them.

Introducing the JLG LiftPod® into the facility replaced a nine-hour scaffolding build and teardown job with a 30-second LiftPod setup.

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Fall Injuries Prevention in the Workplace
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recently released The Ladder Safety app, a mobile application that aims to improve ladder safety through a variety of guides and interactive tools.
The Wrong Key Performance Indicators Can Drive the Wrong Behavior
In a recent article, EHS Today argued that how you measure your safety efforts could play a big role in whether or not your teams make the right safety decisions.
Fall Clearance Requirements
Safety+Health Magazine addresses a common confusion with personal fall arrest systems: Many workers don’t know the correct way to set their PFAS, putting them at risk for lower-level contact in the event of a fall.

Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily those of JLG.
Test Your Safety Knowledge!
Challenge yourself to the latest edition of our Trivia Challenge based on information from this edition of Workplace Safety. Congratulations to our July winner, Jesse Munguia!

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VPP Award
JLG Becomes First Company in Access Industry to Achieve VPP STAR Site Certification
Only 0.5% of approximately six million U.S. companies have received OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) STAR Site certification, and JLG is the first company in the access industry to pass the rigorous process of audits and on-site interviews. Learn more about this recognition and what it means to JLG.
Aerial Work Platforms
What Will Revised Standards for Aerial Work Platforms Mean to You?
Upcoming changes in aerial work platforms standards could impact you and your business. Director, Product Safety and Reliability Dept., Brent Hoover, speaks to about what you can expect.
JLG Training
JLG Blended Train-the-Trainer Program
The JLG Blended Train-the-Trainer Program prepares you to teach telehandler and aerial work platform operators through a cutting edge mix of online learning and hands-on instruction. Self-direct the bulk of your learning on your own schedule and cap off your education with three days of on-site instruction at the JLG Training Center in McConnellsburg, PA.

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