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  November 2014
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Safety Tip: Fall Arrest vs. Fall Restraint
Low-Level Lifts at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
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OSHA Corner
Fall Arrest vs. Fall Restraint
Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries in the workplace. As you work to mitigate the dangers of falls in your facility by putting safeguards in place, keep the differences between arrest and restraint in mind: Fall arrest means to be caught while falling and fall restraint means to be restrained from falling in the first place.

Safety Tip
Workplace Safety Success Story
Low-Level Lift Equipment Brings a New Level of Safety to the University of Alaska Fairbanks
University architecture tends to blend modern artistic flair with the classic aesthetics of centuries-old learning institutions. For students, this means an interesting place to live and learn. For facility managers, this means a maze of hallways and columns and arches to work in and around. In this case study, Jeff Ford – Global Product Director, Aerial Work Platforms, for JLG Industries, Inc. – talked with facility safety manager Robert Miller about how lifts have transformed the safety and efficiency of his work. Read it today.

A Four-Step Process for Safety Success with a Temporary Workforce
In light of an ever-growing non-traditional workforce, EHS Today offers a brief guide on how to maintain safety on a job site that utilizes temporary workers, statistically one of the most at-risk groups in a workplace.

Culture of Workplace Safety Can Deliver Bottom Line Results
Today’s Facility Manager, drawing upon research and roundtable discussions with industry leaders, argues that safety has a measurable impact on a company’s financial success.

Taking the Measure of Your Safety Program Using EHS Metrics
Get some insight into evaluating your safety program beyond recordable injuries and illnesses. Safety Daily Advisor explains what makes a good metric and what metrics should accomplish.

Thank You for Visiting JLG in San Diego
The 2014 National Safety Council Congress & Expo was a great success. We enjoyed meeting with some of you to talk about JLG, our products and our commitment to workplace safety. To close out the year, our next two events are international: Shanghai and New Delhi. If you would like to learn more about these events or keep up with JLG events in general, visit our events page.

National Safety Council
OSHA’s Tips for Protecting Temporary Workers
Temporary workers have become a necessity for businesses in sometimes unpredictable markets. Despite the flexibility that temporary workers offer – allowing a company to scale-up and scale-down with minimal budgetary challenges – they often lack the specific on-site experience necessary to stay safe on a bustling job site. OSHA offers insights into ensuring the health of these workers with a free guide.

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