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  March 2018
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Understanding the Difference Between ANSI & OSHA
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In discussions about workplace safety, ANSI and OSHA come up a lot. But do you know the difference between these organizations? With new ANSI standards for the U.S. expected to be published soon, it’s important to understand what changes are coming and who enforces them, so you can be compliant going forward. Watch the video to learn more about how ANSI and OSHA work together to promote safety on the job.
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Guide to Selecting Fall Protection Systems for Bridge Work
Bridge work often requires workers to complete tasks at height. Review this Guide to Selecting Fall Protection Systems for Bridge Work from the National Safety Council to ensure you have the right safety measures in place.
10 Easy Things to Get Your Program Started
It’s not easy to implement a safety and health program, but you can follow the simple steps outlined in this OSHA bulletin to get started. These actions will give you a secure foundation for a more extensive future program.

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Test Your Safety Knowledge!
Challenge yourself with the latest edition of our Trivia Challenge based on information from this edition of Workplace Safety, and you could win a special prize from JLG. Congrats to last edition’s winner, Karen Kaun of Skyworks LLC!

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Boost Productivity with Variable Tilt Technology
Scissor lift with variable tilt technology
Many scissor lifts are designed to keep operators from elevating on even the slightest slope. This helps reduce a tip-over hazard but can also decrease productivity. JLG® ES and R Series scissors are equipped with variable tilt technology, which maximizes the work envelope on side slopes greater than 1.5 degrees while limiting the platform height. Watch the video to see how this technology promotes worker safety and provides additional work area.
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