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  March 2014
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Safety Tip: Empower Your Employees
Police Use a LiftPod to Improve Safety
Safety News
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Safety Tip
Empower Your Employees
To improve the success of your safety efforts, empower employees to identify and report safety concerns instead of relying solely on managers and supervisors to maintain a safe workplace. By making safety a joint, collaborative effort that incorporates your entire team, potential hazards are more likely to be identified and corrected before they cause harm.

Workplace Safety Success Story

Colorado Police Get a Lift from the FS60 LiftPod
When the police department of the city of Montrose, Colo., consolidated its evidence storage into a renovated 1910 fire station, they needed to capitalize on the building’s high ceilings to maximize storage space. Efficiently accessing upper shelves, however, posed a challenge. Safety concerns and existing building architecture made traditional and rolling ladders inconvenient and unsafe. With its 12-foot working height and 30-inch base, the FS60 LiftPod offered a solution that was both safe and versatile. Read the rest of the story to learn how the LiftPod is helping police with their work.

Workplace Safety News
US Labor Department’s OSHA Forms Alliance with Houston Staffing Agency
OSHA announced a partnership with MEMCO Inc., a Houston staffing agency, to provide construction safety training to temporary workers, addressing a growing concern for the rise of new and relatively inexperienced laborers on job sites.

Survey: Worker Attitudes, Limited Budgets Hinder Safety Progress
Safety+Health Magazine reports that a recent survey names employee attitudes as one of the largest barriers to improving health and safety in the workplace. Respondents also identified stress and overwork as other under-addressed hazards.

HSE Offers Simplified Guidance for Working at Height
In an effort to improve worker safety without changing regulations, The Healthy and Safety Executive (HSE) revisited its guidance for working at height to address misconceptions and to simplify safety instruction.

New at JLG
At CONEXPO 2014, visitors experienced the versatility of JLG® lift technology. The JLG booth—complete with product displays, games and trivia—told the interactive story of how JLG is reaching out to help you achieve your productivity goals through innovative new lift technology. Even if you missed CONEXPO, you can see the machines that will take you to new heights, helping you conquer your challenges with confidence.

OSHA Corner
OSHA Up to Date from the National Safety Council
In the Feb. 2014 issue of OSHA Up to Date, the National Safety Council reviews the top ten most frequently cited violations of 2013, features an expert’s response to the idea that “accident-prone” could be considered the prime cause of an accident and highlights other key OSHA developments that could impact your workplace or job site.

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