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  January 2017
JLG Workplace Safety
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•   Mechanics Power up on Safety
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Brush up on Hearing Protection Best Practices
Workplace noise protection
According to EHS Today, hearing loss is the most common issue that affects workers. Fortunately, it’s easily preventable once you identify areas of your worksite with high levels of sound. You can do this by using a sound level meter or a noise dosimeter, but what if one of these tools isn’t available? Try standing a few feet away from a coworker and speaking normally. If you can’t be heard without raising your voice, you can assume that the environment is loud enough to require ear protection.
Brush up on other noise protection best practices with these six tips from EHS Today and this pocket guide from OSHA.
Mechanics Power up on Safety
LiftPod at the Body Shop
Boom truck service requires working at heights up to 14 feet. This presents a unique challenge for a bustling, crowded Midwestern body shop. Ladders are unstable and prevent mechanics from using two hands to work, which makes these jobs difficult and time consuming. So, the garage foreman reached out to Roger Beckley of Herc-U-Lift for a solution. A few days later, the LiftPod® was in the garage, and the foreman immediately saw that it was “the perfect solution.”

Read the full story.
SkyGuard® Becomes Standard Feature on Boom Lifts
SkyGuard Enhanced Control Panel Protection
Starting in January 2017, every new boom lift from JLG will be equipped with the SkyGuard® enhanced control panel protection system. When activated, SkyGuard stops all machine functions in use at the time and temporarily reverses most functions to protect the operator from injury. The reverse functionality is the only feature of its kind in the market.
Learn more about the SkyGuard system.
Sustainability in the Workplace
OSHA recently released a new white paper, which argues that the future of workplace sustainability will place a new emphasis on worker safety and health.
Winter Safety from Head to Toe
EHS Today published a winter safety guide that covers safety concerns you might overlook, such as eye protection.
Keeping Aging Workers Safe
A range of economic factors has contributed to a growing proportion of older workers in the United States, which presents a unique workplace safety challenge, Safety+Health Magazine reports.

Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily those of JLG.
Test Your Safety Knowledge!
Challenge yourself with the latest edition of our Trivia Challenge based on information from this edition of Workplace Safety, and you could win a special prize from JLG! Evan Angi of Walters Inc. won the trivia contest from our last issue. Congratulations, Evan!

Begin the Trivia Challenge now!
Facility Solutions on Display at ARA 2017
ARA 2017
We are ramping up for The Rental Show February 26 to March 1 in Orlando. We are excited to meet with customers and showcase our latest innovations. This year, we are highlighting the versatility of our facility solutions and are looking forward to letting you experience them firsthand. Learn more about ARA 2017 today!
Schedule a Facility Solutions Demo
Facility Demo
As productivity demands increase, so does the need for keeping workers safe in busy, growing businesses. We have facility solutions to help your workers set up quickly and access difficult jobs big and small. Not sure what solution is best for your business? Schedule a demo to experience a JLG facility solution in person.

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