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JLG® Ground Support E-news | October 2018
The Impact of Temperature on Transmission Fluid Levels
JLG Ground Support
May 2019
In This Issue
•   Proper Use of OEM and Non-OEM Fork Mounted Attachments.
•   Keeping Safety a Top Priority
•   Training Schedule
•   MaxQuip™ Fork Expanded Offerings
Proper Use of OEM and Non-OEM Fork Mounted Attachments
Establishing a secure connection behind the heel of the fork is crucial for all fork mounted attachments. Using chains, straps or clamps to secure attachments directly to the forks, fork carriage, load bar and/or boom can inhibit the proper functionality of the attachment as well as create potentially unsafe conditions.

A few things to remember when using fork mounted attachments:
  • Attachments used on JLG Telehandlers whether OEM or Non-OEM should only be used on standard or side tilt carriages with appropriately sized pallet/lumber forks.
  • The forks of the JLG carriage must support 2/3 of the load length
  • How to calculate Equivalent Load:
Equivalent Load = ((Weight of attachment x CG distance of attachment1) + (Weight of attachment load x CG distance of load1)) / 24 inches. 1 – CG distance is measured horizontally from the front surface of the fork
  • When the load center of a combined attachment and/or load EXCEED 24 inches, use the amount of the calculated Equivalent Load with the carriage load chart
  • The horizontal center of gravity of the fork mounted attachment and the load (Equivalent Load) must be calculated to utilize the JLG load chart appropriately
  • The weight of the fork mounted attachment and the associated load should be combined to determine the total load being lifted by the forks

For a list of available attachments and load chart booklet part numbers, download the 2019 Attachment Guide
Download Guide
Please contact your Regional Service Manager or a JLG® service representative if further information is required.

Still need tech support? Visit our Call Center or call 877-JLG-LIFT (554-5438).
Featured Promotion
Keeping Safety a Top Priority

The National Safety Council observes National Safety Month each June, but safety should be a top priority year-round. JLG® offers a wide range of parts, accessories, tools and supplies to support a safer work environment while still allowing you to get the job done.
Learn More
Have an account with JLG? Visit Online Express, contact the Parts Marketing team at 1-877-554-5438 or email partsprograms@jlg.com to learn more about our Aftermarket Parts.



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AccessReady XR offers Virtual Experience and Real-World Confidence

The AccessReadyXR training simulator from JLG® combines cutting edge technology with a unique training experience to help trainees build the hands-on skills they need. The pre-loaded software comes complete with virtual proving grounds and real job site environments. Use actual boom lift controls to safely develop your skills before smoothly transitioning to the real thing.

For more information about AccessReady XR, visit

Learn more about JLG University training programs. For pricing inquiries, email the JLG® Training Department or call 1-877-JLG-LIFT (554-5438) for a quote.
AccessReady XR

Upcoming Classes: Find One That Works for You
Engine Powered Boom Lift Service
June 11 – 13, 2019
Riverside, CA

Ultra-Boom Service Training
1200SJP, 1350SJP, 1250AJP

June 25 – 27, 2019

McConnellsburg, PA

ES and LE Scissor Lift Service
July 16 – 17, 2019
July 17 – 18 , 2019

Riverside, CA

Compact Crawler Boom Service Training
July 9 –  11, 2019

McConnellsburg, PA

Electric Powered Boom Lift Service 
June 18 – 20, 2019
Riverside, CA

MEWP and Telehandlers Train-the-Trainer:
July 15 – 19, 2019
McConnellsburg, PA


Download the full 2019 training schedule (576 KB PDF) Or link to in here
MaxQuip™ Now Offering Expanded Forklift Parts Options
We’ve recently more than doubled our offering of forklift parts to include nearly 1,000 skus. Featuring the most common replacement parts for the top forklift brands, such as Hyster, JMC, and Toyota as well as parts for many other forklift brands. No one is better prepared to serve your entire fleet than MaxQuip from JLG.

To explore the variety of forklift parts available through MaxQuip, visit Online Express
Challenge your team with JLG® Trivia to help them learn more about JLG® machines, parts and services. In addition to bragging rights around the workplace, one of your teammates could win this month’s prize!

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