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June 2015 Ground Support E-Newsletter
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JLG Ground Support
  June 2015
JLG Ground Support Newsletter
In This Issue
SkyTrak Technical Bulletin
Aerial Boom Hose Kits
Blended Training Programs
Training Schedule
Online Express Tip
Trivia Challenge
Separation of Windshield Wiper Circuit from the Alternator Excitation Circuit Fusing
Models Affected: SkyTrak® Telehandlers 6036 and 6042 with Serial Numbers 0160045066 through 0160065889, SkyTrak Telehandlers 8042, 10042 and 10054 with Serial Numbers 160045250 through 0160065887
Tech Tip
It has been brought to JLG’s attention that certain machines equipped with enclosed cabs may experience an issue with the fuse for the alternation excitation circuit when operating in extreme cold conditions. The circuit currently is tied into the windshield wiper circuit, and if the wipers are activated while frozen to the windshield, the increased current draw may blow the fuse. Because the same fuse is being used to protect the alternator, the charging function of the machine will cease to work.

JLG has created a Service Kit, P/N 1001191738, for customers who are experiencing a problem with the fuse prematurely blowing. The kit contains all necessary parts along with detailed instructions to reroute the alternator excitation wire, and eliminate the potential problem.

Download technical information bulletin 15-11 to learn more. (17 KB PDF)

Please contact your Regional Service Manager or a JLG service representative if further information is required.

Still need tech support? Call 877-JLG-LIFT (554-5438).
Featured Part
Ground Support Aftermarket Parts
Aerial Boom Hose Kits

The best way to avoid expensive downtime is regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. The next time you begin the labor-intensive process of a boom tear-down, take the time to replace the hoses in the power track. These hoses are critical for performance and can often have wear that is difficult to detect. Our Aerial Boom Hose Kits (84 KB PDF) simplify the task of finding the right parts for your machine.

Visit Online Express or call 877-JLG-LIFT (554-5438) to order.

JLGU Blended Train-the-Trainer Program
The new Aerial Work Platform and Telehandler Train-the-Trainer Blended Program combines four weeks of instructor-facilitated online pre-classroom work with three days of instructor-led classroom sessions in McConnellsburg, PA. This blended program qualifies successful participants to teach the JLG AWP Operator Training Program and the JLG Telehandler Operator Training Program. The primary topics covered during the course are as follows:
  • Week 1: Online Pre-Course Work: Fundamentals of Training—Training & Evaluation Techniques, Presentation Skills
  • Week 2: Online Pre-Course Work: Aerial Work Platforms—Operator E-Learning, Regulations & Standards, AWP Selection
  • Week 3: Online Pre-Course Work: Telehandlers—Operator E-Learning, Regulations & Standards, Telehandler Selection
  • Week 4: Online Pre-Course Work: On-Site Preparation—Participants use this week to prepare their short presentation for the on-site classroom session and finish any incomplete assignments
  • Week 5: Classroom and Hands-On: Three-day classroom session in McConnellsburg, PA—Operator Evaluation, Training Skills, Hands-On Operation
Visit JLG University to learn more about our training programs. For pricing inquiries, email the JLG Training Department or call 877-JLG-LIFT (554-5438) for a quote.

Download the 2015 Training Schedule. (450 KB PDF)
Ground JLG University


Classes are Filling Up!

The following classes are almost full, so secure a spot before it’s too late.

Blended Train-the-Trainer
10 spots left
July 18-August 20, 2015
McConnellsburg, PA

Electric-Powered Boom Lift Training
10 spots left
August 4-6, 2015
Riverside, CA

Train-the-Trainer (AWP Face-to-Face)
8 spots left
August 11-13, 2015
Riverside, CA

Ultra Boom 1200SJP and 1350SJP Service Training
August 18-20, 2015
Atlanta, GA

For complete course descriptions and to learn more about training locations, visit JLG University.

Online Express Tip
In the news
The "PDF Manuals" option under the manuals tab on Online Express offers more than many users expect. Hard-to-find parts manuals such as the 644 Highlander Lull and 844 Lull, as well as field reference guides and other supplement manuals, are available for download so that you always have the resources you need to keep your machines running at peak performance.

Visit Online Express to learn more.

JLG Trivia Prize
May Winner Announced
Shane Mitchell of Vesco ToyotaLift won our May trivia challenge. Nice work, Shane!

Challenge your team with JLG Trivia and you could win a JLG 28-ounce surge bottle!

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