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Conquering Job Site Challenges

Do you see any new job site challenges on the horizon?

Sometimes accessing terrain isn’t about going where no one else can go; it’s about going to more places. Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) are being spec’d for use outdoors as well as indoors. For example, the JLG RT Series features hydrostatic 4-wheel drive and rugged lug tread tires for navigating rough terrain, including gradeability up to 45 percent.

The series also features a greater weight capacity and a slide-out platform extension, allowing for more workers and tools. Weight and personnel capacities that limit the productivity and application of AWPs is one of the challenges facing contractors working at heights. Increasing those capacities opens new markets, improves productivity and makes for a safer work environment.

One of the greatest job site access challenges the industry now faces is working profitably in remote locations. These challenges include working in rough terrains, machine transportation, surveillance and communication. We are seeing advances on these fronts, but we are likely to see significant innovation in the future.

answer provided by Nathan Medcalf