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Equipment Trends

What products are on the upswing in the rental industry?

Overall, construction equipment sales will grow by 11% in 2013 in North America compared to 2012, according to Statista. Construction equipment sales will remain lower than 2006 levels until at least 2016. 

The equipment type with the most sales in 2011 is the skid steer loader (30%). It experienced a small upswing compared to 2006 (26%). Telescopic handlers have seen a drop in sales by 60% in that same time period, while sales of all other equipment types have remained steady. 

Sales in Europe will remain almost flat and under 2006 levels for the foreseeable future. The percentage of wheel loader sales will double between 2006 and 2016. Backhoe loader and skid steer loader sales will decrease by half in the same time period. Sales for all other machine types will experience little change, with mini excavators making up the largest slice (32%) followed by telescopic handlers (16%) and crawler excavators (15%). 

In Asia, the largest construction equipment market, there was a sharp drop in excavator production over the last 3 quarters. In that time period, both Sany and Hitachi stated that they will cut production. As well, wheel loader and dozer production was flat for the same time period. 

Statistics provided by the Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association.
answer provided by Nathan Medcalf