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New and Featured Innovations

JLG is dedicated to reaching out to help you achieve your productivity goals through innovation—whether it’s with new equipment, services or technology. Check out our latest offerings that will take you to new heights, helping you conquer your challenges with confidence.
New ES2646 and R2646 Scissor Lifts
Introducing the all new JLG® ES2646 and R2646 scissor lifts, built to deliver long-lasting performance for a more productive day on the job. Both new models build on a strong foundation of innovation, but take it up a notch - offering 1,200-lb platform capacity, both indoors and outdoors.

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New Augmented Reality App
The new JLG Augmented Reality (AR) App uses next-generation augmented reality visualization to enable faster and more accurate project planning and onsite equipment management. The app features modules for machine and accessory visualization, decal view with translation, control operation guidance, and an annual inspection assistant. Now Available


Battery Monitoring System
This time-saving solution for electric scissor and boom lifts analyzes the machine's battery charge and usage to provide superior diagnostic information on the battery and charger system. Components include a new Smart Charger, which logs the charge history and details on the machine controller, and a Mobile Control hardware module that provides wireless connectivity and interaction. Access to the data is available through a mobile app that will be available in the Apple App Store.
Seatbelt Engagement and Operator Presence
Enhance safety with the latest option for JLG® Telehandlers. This option includes seatbelt engagement assurance, operator presence functionality, and a high visibility seatbelt. 

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Multi-Reverse Camera System Now Available
Back up with confidence with the new multi-reverse camera system for SkyTrak® Telehandlers.

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LSI Option Now Available for JLG Telehandlers
Improve operator confidence with the new Load Stability Indication System (LSI) for JLG Telehandlers. This system aids operators by helping
them to remain within the forward load capacity of the telehandler.

LSI Option