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Hear Customers Share their Experiences with JLG’s Self-Leveling Chassis Technology

Videos & Podcasts - Jun 22

Hear Customers Share their Experiences with JLG’s Self-Leveling Chassis Technology

Nate Hoover
Director - Product Management, Boom Lifts
JLG Industries

Not too long ago, JLG introduced a unique, new self-leveling chassis technology to the market. It allows JLG® 670SJ boom lifts to automatically level on slopes up to 10 degrees, enabling operation on uneven jobsite terrain. 
Benefits of Self Leveling Technology at a Glance

The concept for this technology developed by watching how boom lifts were being used on job sites and through talking with operators about their pain points and moments of inefficiency, such as:

  • Constant repositioning 
  • Removing small areas of earth with a compact loader to level the ground
  • Using a longer boom lift to reach the work area from a level spot beyond where they’d ideally like to place the machine
  • Using multiple boom lifts
  • Cribbing the machine on a localized platform to attain a level work surface
  • Shoring up the ground or stone leveling a raceway to attain a level work surface

This technology adjusts the boom lift’s chassis to the ground conditions — rather than operators having to adjust the ground conditions to the machine, leading to significant productivity gains throughout the workday.

In concept, it all sounds great, but what about when put to the test in real-world applications? Does self-leveling chassis technology live up to the hype?

The answer is: Yes. But quite honestly, it’s one of those things you must feel during operation to believe. And, we’re ready to show you what this new self-leveling chassis technology is all about.

Check out JLG’s 7-part video series highlighting real JLG customers sharing how this new solution solved their common job site challenges.

Video 1: Eliminating Repositioning
Hear from William, journeyman carpenter, as he describes how the JLG self-leveling boom lift eliminates repositioning and increases productivity—no matter what kind of terrain it’s working on.

Video 2: Maneuvering Confidently
Hear from Ty, ironworker, as he describes how the JLG self-leveling boom lift saves valuable time by giving him the confidence to drive at full height.

Video 3: Promoting Safer Operation
Hear from Todd, environmental health and safety director, as he describes how the JLG self-leveling boom lift has changed the game when it comes to safer operation at height.

Video 4: Driving at Full Height
Hear from Justin M., journeyman carpenter, as he describes how the JLG self-leveling boom lift gives him access to challenging terrain — including slopes up to 10 degrees.

Video 5: Accessing New Terrain
Hear from Lala, journeyman carpenter, as she describes how the JLG self-leveling boom lift allows her to get to height and stay at height — even as it travels over uneven terrain.

Video 6: Increasing Platform Stability
Hear from Justin, foreman, as he describes the unparalleled platform stability his team experiences when they put the JLG self-leveling boom lift to work.

Video 7: Saving Time
Hear from Bru, senior superintendent, as he describes the time-saving power of the JLG self-leveling boom lift. When he evaluates man-hours for a job, choosing this machine seems like a no-brainer.

All seven videos are available on-demand here. For more information about this exclusive new JLG technology, click here

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