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You can settle for a scissor that does the job. Or you can choose from two JLG® scissor lines that do so much more. The premium ES Series and value R Series both deliver proven performance through smart, simple technology to maximize your uptime in ways other scissor brands can’t.

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Choose the Scissor that Makes Sense for You

You have options with JLG® scissor lifts. Consider our full range of models, knowing you don’t have to compromise on the attributes that matter to you most.

ES Series

Premium Features
for Enhanced Performance

ES Series scissor lifts offer up to double the battery life than comparable models thanks to their electric drive system. That—combined with faster travel speeds, improved gradeability and fewer leak points—makes them ideal for sensitive work and long shifts, while giving users the confidence that they’ll have enough power to load them onto the truck at the end of the day.

R Series

Value-Based Features
for Rugged Reliability

R Series scissor lifts are perfect for rental thanks to serviceable components and durability-enhancing features like active pothole protection. Arm your fleet with cost-effective scissor lifts that deliver on technology and performance. Complete general construction tasks, or access overhead work during HVAC maintenance, painting or electrical jobs.


ES Series

R Series






  • Elevate and complete tasks more efficiently with faster cycle times than the competition
  • Get up to double the battery life from the electric drive system and run longer on a single charge
  • Reduce downtime from leaks thanks to a streamlined hydraulics system with only two hydraulic hoses and four fittings
  • Lasts a full shift without recharging for retail maintenance
  • Ideal for cold storage and freezer environments because there’s less oil in machine to freeze
  • Perfect for hotels and hospitals with sensitive flooring and carpet due to less leak potential
  • Faster travel speeds for more maneuverability and quicker positioning
  • UL® EE rating capability for use in sensitive areas
  • Soft Touch System allows you to work near delicate equipment
  • Variable tilt technology increases your work envelope on slight slopes
  • Available accessories and options, like drywall gates and Quick Welder packages, promote efficient work at height
  • Nite Bright® package with 40W lights illuminates low-light worksites like mines, tunnels and nighttime tasks
  • Enjoy better gradeability as more torque is delivered to the wheels when climbing grades and during loading
  • Get increased platform capacity at lower platform heights on select models with dual capacity capabilities
  • Quieter, cleaner operation due to fewer leak points

Uncommon Technology

JLG® scissor lifts feature unique, built-in technologies that enhance operation and operator experience. These simple technologies deliver intuitive operation and service while lowering operating costs.

  • Variable Tilt

  • Maximizes work envelope by allowing operators to elevate to limited heights while working on slight slopes
  • Select R Series include an updated control box with a visual indicator that informs the operator of how high the platform can be raised based on the machine’s side slope
  • Available on ES and R Series models
  • Pressure-Based Load Sensing System with Simple No-Load Calibration

  • Allows machine to be calibrated without calibrated weights, so customers can make adjustments in the field
  • Provides accurate readings in cold applications
  • Available on the 4045R
  • Controlled Travel Descent

  • Delivers a smooth descent during travel
  • Protects both the operator and the machine’s components
  • Available on select ES and R Series models
  • Controlled Elevation Descent

  • Improves operator comfort by cushioning the ride when the machine comes to a stop
  • Engages when stopping at height and when returning to the stowed position
  • Available on R Series models

These are just a preview. Download our scissor lift infographic to see the other technologies available on ES and R Series models.

Technology Spotlight:

Variable Tilt

The technology on JLG® scissors not only simplifies operation and boosts productivity, it also maximizes ROI. See how one of our advanced features—variable tilt technology—enables you to reach more, even on slight slopes.