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Triple Threat

Adaptable, Tough

Attack job site challenges with the perfect blend of strength, versatility and smart technology with new JLG® high capacity telehandlers.

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Get More Done

High capacity telehandlers save time, money and labor on the job site by allowing operators to accomplish multiple tasks with one machine. Their higher lift capacity and enhanced versatility cut down on the time it takes to complete the work.

Industries like wind, oil and gas, steel erection, industrial construction and mining present unique challenges to equipment operators. With a wide range of specialized attachments, high capacity telehandlers can adapt to demanding job sites and replace other traditional machines. Plus, their ability to handle heavy, bulky loads makes them ideal for performing maintenance on other machines in the rental yard.

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Technology for a New Generation

The optional SmartLoad Technology combines attachment recognition with real-time load data so operators can work with more confidence. This industry-first package includes three parts:

  • Automatic Attachment Recognition:

    Recognizes attachments on the end of the boom and displays the appropriate capacity chart to the operator.

  • Load Management Information System (LMIS):

    Graphically depicts the location of the load within the capacity chart, indicates whether the load is compliant and prevents the operator from violating the boundaries of the chart.

  • Load Stability Indicator (LSI):

    Works with the LMIS system to limit operation when the load is nearing the maximum capacity indicated on the capacity chart.


JLG® High Capacity Telehandlers

1644 High Capacity Telehandler

1732 High Capacity Telehandler

1644 High Capacity Telehandler

Key Specs 

Maximum Lift Capacity: 15,650 lb

Maximum Lift Height: 43 ft 7 in.

Maximum Reach: 31 ft 1 in.

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1732 High Capacity Telehandler

Key Specs 

Maximum Lift Capacity: 16,755 lb

Maximum Lift Height: 31 ft 8 in.

Maximum Reach: 18 ft 7 in.

See All Specs


Progress is Power

Job sites are harsh. Demanding. Conditions change without warning, and you need machines that can keep up. JLG® telehandlers are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, so you can tackle even the toughest environments with confidence.


Keep Your
Options Open

A wide variety of attachments gives JLG® high capacity telehandlers outstanding versatility on the job. Select telehandler attachments are industry-specific, making them more efficient when handling heavy materials in that industry.

Bale Clamp:

For picking, carrying and placing large square bales

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Bale Clamp

Bale Cradle:

For picking, carrying and placing large round bales

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Bale Cradle

Pipe Grapple:

For handling multiple pipes or a larger single pipe

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Pipe Grapple

Light Material Bucket:

Used to clean up the job site, spread gravel or for loading and leveling

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Light Material Bucket

Multi-purpose 4-in-1 Bucket:

Can be used for loading, leveling, bottom dumping or as a grapple bucket

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Multi-purpose 4-in-1 Bucket

Grapple Bucket:

Uses hydraulic arms to secure bulky loads and is useful for cleaning debris from job sites

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Grapple Bucket

Log Handler:

For handling multiple logs or a large single log

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Log Handler

Material Handling Arm:

Designed for lifting and placing objects around the job site

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Material Handling Arm

Side-Shift Carriage with Dual Fork Positioning:

Adjust forks independently; use left and right carriage shift to handle palletized loads from inside the cab

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Side Shift Carriage with Dual Fork Positioning

Standard Carriage:

Forks that are fully floating and adjustable side-to-side for efficient load entry and exit

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Standard Carriage

General Purpose Bucket:

Used to clean up the job site, to spread materials and for loading and leveling

JLG Telehandler Attachment - General Purpose Bucket

Pallet Forks:

Rugged design makes it easier to handle heavy palletized material

JLG Telehandler Attachment - Pallet Forks

Coupler Mounted Hook:

For lifting and lowering objects


Coupler Mounted Winch:

Can be used to set trusses and wall sections for wood and steel building construction

JLG attachment

Steel Coil Handler:

For transporting steel coils and cables

JLG attachment

Dual Fork Positioning Carriage:

Adjust each fork position independently to handle various palletized loads without leaving the cab

Dual Fork Positioning Carriage


Productivity Ahead

  • Spacious cab with tilt steering
  • Adjustable suspension seat and arm rest
  • Intuitive single joystick control
  • Excellent HVAC performance
  • Excellent visibility enhances operator confidence with a clear view of the job site around the machine
  • Optional reverse sensing system alerts the operator of rear obstructions with audible alarm
  • Optional multifunction display puts important machine information at the operator’s fingertips, including:
    • Integrated, electronic load charts
    • Reversing camera
    • Diagnostics
    • Analyzer capability
  • Precision gravity lowering gives operators greater control over load placement and provides fuel savings
  • Finely tuned boom controls and a standard soft stop let you place loads with more precision
  • Inching feature automatically shifts the transmission into neutral when the service brake is depressed, allowing the operator to run the boom at maximum speed for faster delivery of loads at height
  • Industry-specific attachments for specialized applications
  • Optional ride control improves load stability over uneven ground
  • 2-speed hydrostatic transmission provides smooth drive control to power through rough terrain with ease