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JLG is raising the bar with the all-new, all-electric DaVinci™ AE1932 scissor lift so of course the tech behind it would be just as revolutionary. 

The DaVinci AE1932 scissor lift comes equipped with the ability to tap into intuitive, smart phone-enabled diagnostics.  Download the DaVinciGO App to view, diagnose and troubleshoot this innovative machine via any smart device in real time, from any location, to maximum your uptime.

Connect with DaVinciGO to:

  • View general machine information such as serial number
  • Confirm and/or update software versions
  • Quickly identify any alerts, alarms, errors or DTCs
  • Perform machine calibrations
  • Remotely engage with the JLG service center call center for added support


Remote Assistance:  

DaVinciGO allows your smart device to be used as a "modem" to connect your machine to the internet. This allows remote personnel, such as a JLG service call-center technician to perform operations such as fault finding, software updates, configuration, calibration, and more, via the internet.  


DaVinciGO offers unprecedented assistance when you need to do more detailed troubleshooting, or just want to view the value on a specific input, output, or internal channel. All measured values are presented with their corresponding unit and status, or graphically in a line graph.  Diagnostic troubleshooting codes (DTCs) can also be reviewed during troubleshooting.


DaVinciGO has a unique function for adjusting inputs, outputs, and parameters in real-time. Machine configuration and calibrations are performed using the App.  It is also possible to reset a setting to its factory default value if needed. 


DaVinciGO provides the ability to perform actions such as "Log in" which unlocks features based on access level.  Available selections such as "Send to machine" or "Get from machine" allow service technicians to send or get software updates and machine settings without the need of a computer. 

 DaVinci AE1932 is also equipped with JLG® Mobile Control.  Visit www.jlg.com/mc for information on this App.

The DaVinciGO app is free to download and use.

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