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Watch the JLG®
Boot Camp Miniseries

The new ANSI standards shouldn’t be taken lightly—and neither should Sgt. McConnell. Watch our JLG® Boot Camp miniseries to see how he pushes recruits to be compliant with the new standards before the June 2020 deadline. With a little tough love and a lot of hard work, these recruits will be ready in time. Will you?

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Episode One:
Welcome to Boot Camp

Complying with the new ANSI standards isn’t easy, but it’s necessary. When four recruits show up to JLG® Boot Camp, Sgt. McConnell lays out exactly what they need to learn before the June 2020 deadline.

Episode Two:
Training for Days

We learn more about what brought each recruit to JLG® Boot Camp, and Sgt. McConnell helps them get familiar with new ANSI training requirements. One recruit learns the hard way that supervisors are now required to be trained.

Episode Three:
Learning by Design

Sgt. McConnell and the recruits get up close and personal with ANSI-compliant machines to identify what’s changed under the new standards. Load sensing and tilt sensing take center stage.

Episode Four:
Non-Risky Business

Performing a proper site risk assessment gets some recruits all worked up — others stay cool as a cucumber. Sgt. McConnell describes why a robust safe use program requires engagement from employees and leadership.

Episode Five:
We’re All Compliant Today

Sgt. McConnell looks on with pride as the recruits prove that they’ll be compliant before the June 2020 deadline. One recruit experiences a breakthrough moment that earns him high marks.

What’s the Difference
Between ANSI & OSHA?

In this video, learn the difference between ANSI and OSHA. Plus, get an overview of the changes and see how they'll impact your business, so you know how to be compliant.

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